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Adding Casters to Standing Desks: Expert advice

Oct 10 read


Although most of us are used to sitting at a table, standing desks are becoming more and more popular. How to make them even more convenient? For example, add wheels. It is an efficient solution. But how do you choose the right casters? What factors should be taken into account? Let’s talk about it!

Why do people use standing desks?

At first glance, it seems that working while standing is very tiring. But in fact, many office workers report that their productivity increases when using standing desks and that they feel better. Yes, at first, such a pose for work will be unusual, but there are many advantages:

Of course, it is unnecessary to spend the entire working day standing up immediately. You can alternate between sitting and standing work styles in a comfortable mode.

If the standing desk has rollers, you can not only stand in one place but also move around the office without interrupting your work. This way, you can not only communicate more effectively with colleagues (for example, if you want to show something on your laptop) but also literally take short walks while working!

Also, such desks are very convenient for students: it is helpful for various discussion formats and teamwork and increases physical activity during the learning process.

Many standing desks are adjustable: you can uplift or lower them to a comfortable standing or sitting height. This sit-stand desk has an excellent effect on the condition of your muscles. They become less numb and sore after a working day.

Factors To Consider Before Using Casters

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right standing desk casters. High-quality wheels will be comfortable to use, provide ease of movement, and keep in good condition for a long time. So what to look for when buying? What characteristics are the most important?

Even if your desk already has wheels, you can replace them with more suitable ones. It is done elementarily: you do not need the help of a specialist or special tools. Most models just need to be pulled towards you, insert new ones in their place, and press until they click. Very simple, right?

Note: please remove the wheels from your table and check the design and size of the stem (it should be a 7/16)

Don’t forget your work environment

In what space do you plan to use the table with wheels? Will it be an auditorium where the rapid reorganization of the workspace makes it possible to hold lectures in different formats? Or maybe you are planning to put a portable desk in the office OpenSpace to group employees into teams according to specific criteria? Or perhaps such furniture will be used in the studio? For each option, a standing table with wheels is a great idea.

However, there is one important nuance — the flooring in the room. Even plastic casters are suitable for tiles, rubber, or concrete floors, as such flooring is difficult to damage. But if your office or auditorium has a wooden, parquet, or laminate floor, it is better to use polyurethane rollers, as they do not leave scratches and scuffs. With wheels made of high-quality material, you can forget about protective mats.

Weight of Your Load

Another essential characteristic of furniture wheels is the load that they can withstand. It depends both on the roller itself and on the type of fasteners:

As for the material from which the rollers are made, nylon or polyurethane models are suitable for office furniture. For extreme conditions, it is better to purchase steel or iron ones.

Rolling and rotation

If you decide to add wheels to your table, it is worth considering its maneuverability. If the floor is smooth, a small polyurethane caster will move quickly and smoothly over it. It will be enough to buy a model with a diameter of 1-3/8 inches. And if the room has a rough or cracked floor, then it is better to choose a model of 2 or even 3 inches. It will improve the stability of the desk.

High-quality casters provide a comfortable, easy ride. They rotate well and require no extra effort from you. Sometimes it’s hard to find wheels that meet all the requirements, but Stealtho has what you are looking for. We offer our customers unique patented wheel models for office furniture.


Standing desks are a fashionable modern solution applied in various fields. They are in classrooms, offices, music studios, and hotel receptions. Standing work increases the productivity of workers and students, improves well-being, and eliminates many of the problems of a sedentary lifestyle.

If you want to add wheels for a desk, there are many factors to consider: flooring, table weight, height, etc. You can choose high-quality casters that will make your furniture practical and comfortable based on your needs.

Stealtho offers you its unique development: casters for standing desks of this brand are made of durable steel and soft elastic polyurethane. Thanks to this, high strength and reliability are combined with care for flooring and cables. It is a truly unique product designed for your comfort and benefit.

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