Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels

Save your floors

Don’t mark and scratch your expensive hardwood floor

Barrier-free rolling

Easily roll over any obstacles like cables and thresholds.

See it in the dark

Glowing in the dark enables you to find the chair at night.

Locking system

Has locking system that allows you to fix the chair in the right place.

Designed for People

No more plastic mat, only STEALTHO wheels!

STEALTHO wheels will save you from issues related to the purchase of plastic mat! You don't need to spend any money on an expensive protective office chair mat, which can be toxic and collects a lot of dirt and bacteria, limits your actions, discolors and has an unpleasant smell. Choose our casters!

Designed for People

Entrust your floor only to STEALTHO wheels!

Scratched, dented, marked floors, these are the consequences of plastic wheels using. Our STEALTHO casters are covered with the elastic polyurethane, therefore they will save you from all these problems. Due to its heavy-duty design, even if you are a strong stout person, they can withstand high loads, will not cut the carpet and will definitely keep your flooring from damages.

Feels like Night Vision

Magic STEALTHO wheels.

The magic of STEALTHO wheels will help you to find your way in the dark and locate the position of your chair. No more injuries and hurts with our magic wheels.

Please. Be safe.

Don’t you

ever fall!

Start living better life. Today.

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Finally. We did it!

We know your secret problems.

At home or in the office, rubber wheels of your office chair leave traces, collect dirt and eventually become sticky; and plastic casters scratch the floor, get broken from high-loads, clings to cables, thresholds, and restrict your movements. Stop to use plastic wheels, STEALTHO is the SOLUTION.

Yes, I don't want this anymore!

With love to every single detail

Start living better life. Today.

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