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How to reupholster an office chair?

Sep 9 read

Modern people spend a lot of time at the computer, both in the office and at home. All this time they sit in the office chair (Also read “How to choose the best office chair?“).  Unfortunately, from active use, the upholstery of the chair quickly deteriorates – the artificial leather cracks or becomes frayed, the fabric gets dirty and torn. What to do – throw away an expensive office chair or try to restore it?

Updating the chair is quite possible at home – you can reupholster this piece of furniture by yourself, without contacting any special workshops.

What to use?

To cover an old chair, you should not purchase artificial leather or thin fabrics – the first one will quickly lose its attractive appearance, and the fragile material can quickly wipe off. Also, in the course of the chair reupholstery, foam rubber may be needed, since the old lining, as a rule, will wear out over time and lose its qualities


If only the seat of the furniture is damaged, then you can miss the reupholstery of the back of the office chair and vice versa. But in order to create a sample with an attractive appearance, it is better to make sure that both parts of the chair match each other in the color and texture of the selected fabric.

To carry out the constriction you will need:

Repair principles

First you need to disassemble the chair and get rid of the old upholstery. When carrying out repairs, we perform a number of simple steps:

When choosing a fabric, it is important to purchase as much of it as is needed for the reupholstery. Just measure the chair and add another 2-3 inches to the resulting figures, which are necessary for the constriction.

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