Improve the functionality of your
chair with Magic Wheels

Created to make your chair levitate

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Benefits of STEALTHO Magic Wheels

No chair mat needed
Withstands up to 660 pounds
Smooth and quiet rolling
Works on all flooring types
Can reduce the risk of damage to wires, flooring and carpet
Innovative design provides incredible performance
Version equipped with brake system available
Glow in the dark design can eliminate stumbling
High-quality, durable materials offer a low environmental footprint
What are Magic Wheels?

Wheels for weightless work

STEALTHO’s Magic Wheels turn everything you know about the wheel on its head. Designed for maximum productivity, our wheels can overcome obstacles such as thresholds, wires, and low- pile carpets. With silent, smooth rolling, they’re made for comfortable, distraction-free work.

Our team has designed two versions of Magic Wheels based on your needs.

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The past, without Magic Wheels

Wheels scratched the floor
Wheels broke even under a load of 220-lb load
Moving the chair required lifting it with your hands
Wheels damaged wires, carpets and thresholds

Today, with Magic Wheels

Magic Wheels work on all floor coverings and, do not leave scratches, marks or dents
Magic Wheels are made of heavy-duty tool steel and can withstand up to 660-lb
Magic Wheels roll smoothly and quietly thanks to the ABEC-9 bearing
Magic Wheels easily can overcome obstacles and can reduce damage risk
Our Magic Wheels, your choice

STEALTHO Magic Wheels without brakes

Each set includes 5 standard wheels with the 7/16”x7/8” stem that fit all ordinary task chairs (except IKEA).

Our glow-in-the-dark technology makes it simpler to find your task chair without stumbling, even in dark rooms or at night.

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Magic Wheels with brakes

Magic Wheels with brakes have all the advantages of our basic set. But each set also includes 3 standard wheels and 2 wheels with matte black soft-touch locking mechanisms.

These wheels are well-suited to work environments where floors might be uneven, or where you need to fix your chair in one place as you handle tasks.

Please note: Magic Wheels with brakes should be installed alternately, not adjacent.

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Magic Advantages

Patented technology
Magic Wheels is the patented development No. US 10,434,820 B1 designed by STEALTHO. The product raised more than $138,000 on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, earning 920% of the investment.
Durable materials
Our team constructs every set of Magic Wheels with elastic polyurethane, which arguably is the safest material for your floor. The rest of the wheel components are made of high quality steel, which makes them suited even to heavy loads and years of service in your home or office.
Smooth, subdued rolling
Thanks to our combination of polyurethane and an ABEС 9 bearing, STEALTHO Magic Wheels rotate quietly. Even with obstacles in your way, you can move without noise breaking your focus or distracting others.

Customer questions & answers

How much weight can wheels support?
We weight test all of our Magic Wheels in our laboratory. One set of 5 wheels can withstand up to 660-lb (300 kg) when operated properly.
Will the blue wheel color match the design of my workplace?
The blue wheel shade complements any workplace design, making it more interesting and innovative.
Why does the set only have 2 wheels with brakes?
Two wheels with brakes are enough to lock your chair in one place. Please note that wheels with brakes should be installed alternately, not adjacent
How do you justify the cost of Magic Wheels?
We base the pricing of our Magic Wheels heavily on the quality and uniqueness of the components we use. But we also consider the innovative, patented wheel design. Both of these elements ensure comfortable use and long service life (5 years compared to the standard 6 months).
Why are the Magic Wheels glowing in the dark?
STEALTHO Magic Wheels are made with luminophores. These are simply chemical compounds that glow in the dark. We’ve included the glow function in our design so you can determine the location of the chair in low-light settings or complete darkness. Please note that you likely will not notice the glowing instantly when you just turn off the light, . You should see the effect once your eyes adjust to the darkness.
What chairs are these wheels suitable for?
STEALTHO wheels are suitable for standard office chairs with 7/16”(11 mm) stem diameter. An exception is IKEA chairs, which have a non-standard stem size. You can also remove the wheel from your chair base and check the size of the stem with a ruler. It should be 7/16”x7/8”(11x22 mm).
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