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Organize Home Office Workspace in a Seamless Manner

Apr 4 read

Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with the phrase “I work at home.” Freelancing, part-time work, studying, or working in a “home office” – all this can be called creativity. This means that the organization of the workplace in the apartment must be approached creatively. Wherever you decide to create your workplace, it should be as convenient and comfortable as possible for you.

Someone equips an office in a separate room, it is manageable for some people to allocate a place in the bedroom by the window or a corner in the living room. Others like the balcony area – light and air. Do not be afraid of your desires! You will achieve the most productive result of your studies by creating a cozy and comfortable place to work. Here are some useful tips that help reach the desired effect.

Tips to Help Organize Your Home Office

Tip 1. Pay attention to the table and additional elements

The main part of the working area is the table. It should be not only as comfortable as possible but also stylish. It is easy to fit into the overall decor of the room, making the work area beautiful and cozy. The choice of tables is huge: from solid, angular ones, to elegant and light units with built-in drawers and various add-ons. Nothing should distract from work. Everything you need for creativity (materials, stationery, and other little things) should be within walking distance from the desktop.

Organized desk workspace with chair and computer.

For an average height of 170-185 centimeters, the recommended height of the working surface of the table is 70-80 centimeters. If the table is too low, the posture suffers; if it is too high, the cervical vertebrae suffer. A table for working in a standing position is a decent alternative. The height range of such a table varies from 70 to 130 centimeters. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the computer or laptop. It should not be less than 40 centimeters.

Tip 2. Zoning space for organizing a home workplace

Space for organizing a home workplace.

You need to think about zoning to create a secluded space where you can work quietly without disturbing the rest of the household. The home environment is relaxing and not always conducive to normal performance.

What can be offered as a division of the premises into zones?

Happy owners of a separate cabinet can afford furniture made from natural materials, such as wood. It looks very impressive, high quality, stable, which will positively affect the business qualities of the owner.

Tip 3. Soundproofing

Sound barrier.

The most effective way to isolate yourself from extraneous sounds is to take appropriate measures at the stage of an overhaul. Soundproofing is not worth saving, regardless of whether you plan to work from home or not. Still, waking up to the sound of a neighbor’s puncher is not the best way to start a new day. You should also not save on double-glazed windows, they must be soundproofed, especially if you work in a busy center. However, the source of noise can also be located directly in your apartment, such as faulty water pipes.

Tip 4. Buy desk and file organizer

Desk file organizer.

It’s important to draw your attention to those very pleasant little things that will give your workplace coziness, warmth, and unique style. Choose baskets, boxes, organizers, and other little things for your home office and be full of inspiration and creative ideas.

Special file holder constructor, HWE organizer, and file organizer are able to completely change the atmosphere in the home office and create the most favorable conditions for productive work. Particularly it’s referred to HWE organizers, which are really useful for determining the work health environment. The device is supplemented with the humidity and CO2 determination, the same as with temperature indicator. There’s also a USB hub and wireless charger for better convenience.

Stealtho Docking Station.

After all, even a basket for papers in skillful hands can look like a work of art. Even a picture or motivational lines hanging above the table, framed in a rare beauty frame, will become not only a source of inspiration but also a home decoration, emphasizing your individuality.

Tip 5. Hide wires


Charging wires for a phone, tablet, computer, headphones, speakers, watches, and fitness bracelets may take up a third of the desktop. How to hide the wires correctly? Put them in a box under the table, order a special “hanger” for wires that is mounted on the tabletop, and use modern clip-holders and convention organizers. Do not forget about modern decor ideas for masking wires.

Tip 6. Buy a good chair

Blue chair in front of a desk.

Inherently, any seat has the right to stand at your desktop. The question is how convenient and practical it is. A chair with a hard seat or a stool, will force you to periodically get up and do a warm-up, which is generally not harmful. A special office chair with a soft seat and a comfortable back allows you to sit at least all night long – this is a great option for workaholics.

If you’re looking for an office chair that makes your workplace look stylish take a look at its upholstery. The material must be as durable as possible. Moreover, the textile has to be treated with a dirt-repellent impregnation. It is better to put a cover on the chair so that it can be washed if necessary and the workplace remains tidy. Some models have weak wheels, so the replacement caster wheels is really an essential procedure that can be easily performed due to the Stealtho Company products. Available wheels save the hardwood floor, they are made of soft polyurethane and can boast the free-rolling over long and thick cables.

Tip 7. Decorate your home workspace with materials and colors

Room with bad and workspace.

Having decided on the workplace at home, it is necessary to think over the color scheme and materials that will be used in decoration and furniture. You need to get acquainted with color characteristics before making a final decision. The workplace in the house is a special space, so absolutely everything plays an important role here. Remember that very bright and saturated colors will tire your eyes, irritate, and contribute to rapid fatigue.

What colors are best to choose?

Tip 8. Pay attention to details

nice workspace with laptop chair in brown colors.

The creative specialty requires appropriate decor. Stickers, postcards, unusual decorative elements, a beautiful lampshade on a lamp, bright folders, etc. are quite allowed here. Representatives of more strict professions, for example, financiers or lawyers, will definitely choose minimal decor. It could be an expensive desk organizer by Stealtho Company, a neutral painting on the wall, or stylish writing utensils. There should be nothing superfluous to distract their attention.

The most important condition for comfortable and productive work is cleanliness and accuracy. The work area should not contain items that are not related to your activities. Do not leave dishes, scattered sheets of paper, books that are not currently needed on the table. Think of a place to store pens and pencils, a calculator and other small items that should always be at hand.


A home office can increase your productivity and job satisfaction, so take care of it and pay great attention to all the well-thought-out elements for better efficiency.

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