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stealtho improves workplace
efficiency with taking care of the environment

by creating innovative office supplies that organize your workspace and make it healthier

What we create

STEALTHO is a unique line of modern office supplies designed by engineers to help you get organized, reduce clutter & boost productivity. Working on each idea, the team is committed to the mission of product sustainability through their multi-functionality, durability, and use in the production of easily recyclable materials, reduces emissions and accumulated waste, which can destroy our planet.
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Every day in our chaotic world, the person who can concentrate on their priorities will win out.

Organize your home office like Mr. Stealtho

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The line of our goods now consists of three products. These are a FILE ORGANIZER, an electronic DOCKING STATION with an innovative system of working environment health and crypto tracker, and MAGIC OFFICE CHAIR WHEELS. The development of press forms manufacturing of each product takes up to one year and a half on average. We project a lot of new products which will make our customers happy.


A file organizer that can be modified for any use, desktop, wall or wall mounted for desk partitions. It is suitable for all file types including letter and A4 sizes.


Replacement office chair caster wheels are safe for your hardwood floor, don’t cut your carpet, roll smoothly and quietly over cables, and don't damage them. No more chair mat needed!


Docking Station, which allows you to determine the health of your work environment, also includes wireless charging, air pods charging, Thunderbolt 3.0 port with USB-C power delivery up to 60W to charge your devices and transfer data

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What our
customers say

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5/5 8 May 2021

Got these because of the hint of blue! The blue pops more than the pictures suggest so keep that in mind. Also thought it would be as quiet as the Herman Miller MultiSurface casters, slightly quieter. Easier to maneuver, chair almost feels lighter. Chair in picture is Gaming Embody by Herman Miller for reference.

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