Maximize workplace productivity with a new generation of office products

Patented solutions for comfortable performance

Maximize workplace productivity with a new generation of office products

Patented solutions for comfortable performance


STEALTHO solves current problems for office employees

Using innovative engineering and design concepts, our team offers exceptional workplace solutions that improve mobility, convenience, comfort, ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics.
Our mission

To make products better for both the Earth and workers

STEALTHO strives to improve the condition of the planet and create better, more efficient work environments by cutting the use and number of office items that have harsh environmental footprints. Our primary focus thus is on increased durability.

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Why us?

Patented Technology

When manufacturing our products, we use polycarbonate. This material is stronger than plastic and has a long service life of at least 15 years. Polycarbonate also is more resistant to UV exposure, which preserves the color of the product. The level of emissions released into the environment during polycarbonate manufacturing is extremely low, as well, as it is produced in closed processes with careful emission treatment practices. When a polycarbonate product reaches the end of its life cycle, we can recover, recycle, or dispose of it safely.
After conducting research in the field of workplace improvement, we realized that every workplace has unique requirements. No two people are alike or necessarily want to work the same way. So for us, customization is a must. Our products and team make it easy to find solutions that adapt to you, the customer, rather than forcing you to adapt to solutions that “sort of” fit. Our customer care manager also is ready to help you address any issues or concerns you might have. We always welcome your feedback and are happy to put you first!
Our engineers and designers create one-of-a-kind, sleek products with top-level functionality. We make each solution to improve comfort, space savings, and ergonomics, and we take the latest technologies and developments into account. All STEALTHO products have utility patents or are in patent-pending status. We continue to create new and improve current products thanks to feedback from valued customers just like you.
Since 2018, we have launched 2 successful projects on Kickstarter, with more than 3,000 backers worldwide. Anyone can visit our Kickstarter pages to check our updates on how the products were created, identify and understand production steps, read the discussions and suggestions of our backers, and join our social networks, where we cover the latest news, developments and any changes in the company. We are thrilled to interact with our customers and discuss any proposals!
At Stealtho, we only develop products that we enjoy using ourselves. As part of this rule, our team inspects all of our products and tests them prior to packaging. This hard work means that our solutions are reliable and durable and that they meet international quality standards.
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