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We went through the painful experience of thousands of customers and came to the understanding that modern office supplies don’t comply with the idea of the working space organization.

We made the decision to create our own product line, where we’ve applied the brand’s mission and the objects which really resonate with us.

Our vision

Our object is to improve the labor productivity, as a result of creating the products with the thought out design and functionality, organizing the working space. As well as to replace the office supplies with one useful instrument, which is easy-to-use, and saves your money.

Our mission

Stealtho mission is a clean planet. We try to achieve it with a help of multiple operating features of our products, to reduce the amount of the used plastic, using polycarbonate, thereby to reduce the amount of air emissions and amassed wastes.




Working full time in the office, the first problem our team realized was the damaged flooring. Scratched, scuffed floor, with dents, we even faced the problem of a ripped office carpet. These questions led us to the office chair, and then to its wheels. Tests have shown that conventional plastic wheels are not only a problem for floors but also a cause of back pain. All day long, straining his back, the worker tries to move the chair, which completely does not roll, thus strains the back as much as possible. This situation forces people "to take everything in their hands" and move the chairs with their hands. So we came up with a design for a wheel whose material should be safe for floors, and the design ensures the best rolling of the wheel.



The first STEALTHO campaign on Kickstarter was launched successfully, with more than 2,000 backers worldwide. $138,620 funded. Now you can get rid of A PLASTIC MAT that scratches quickly, discolors, cracks, twists, collects dirt, bacteria and limits the area of movement of the chair! Anyone can visit our Kickstarter page to check updates on how the products were created, identify and understand production steps, read the discussions and suggestions of our backers, and join our social networks, where we cover the latest news, developments and any changes in the company.



We started with sales on Amazon USA, immediately after shipping awards to Kickstarter backers around the world. Our backers received a limited series of gaming wheels in red and wheels for IKEA. These positions were one-of-a-kind for Kickstarter. For its innovative design and unique product, STEALTHO became a member of the Amazon Launchpad program

US Utility Patent


In 2019, STEALTHO received the US Utility Patent No.10,434,820 or rather for a mechanism for moving furniture items and, in particular, casters for moving furniture items, wheels that are visible in the dark. The invention provides smooth movement but also helps to absorb shocks when moving a piece of furniture on an uneven surface or over obstacles. The invention can be installed on tables, work surfaces, electrical appliances, sofas, closets, cabinets, chairs including office chairs, beds, medical equipment, and the like

Transformer Organizer Kickstarter campaign


Office accessories for the organization of the workspace have not changed for decades. We need more and more devices both for work and for personal needs. We decided to collect all office supplies and gadgets and organize them in one place to achieve order on the desktop and increase labor efficiency. 1 Transformer Organizer made of eco-friendly polycarbonate replaces 15 plastic office products, so our desktop organizer continues to meet our mission and make the best products for the environment through design, the use of eco-materials, and a long product life cycle

CES 2020


In 2020, STEALTHO presented its innovative products at the International Consumer Electronics Show alongside companies such as Herman Miller, IKEA, X-Chair, DXRacer, Steelcase, Corsair, Humanscale



In 2020, STEALTHO successfully launched sales in Japan, Canada, and Australia



In 2021 STEALTHO won the Red Dot Award Product Design. This is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. This is a kind of "Oscar" from the world of design. It is awarded to designers and manufacturing companies for special achievements in the design of consumer goods. The award-winning works are on display at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, which is by far the world's largest collection of modern design achievements

Our team

The team whose members worked together at the factory, producing paper and cardboard office supplies has been forming since the year 2015

Vitaliy Savriga Founder
Tanny Gamii Senior project manager
Yevgenia Dovbysh Web designer
Helen Vasilenko Financial analyst
Marina Marketing expert
Yaroslav Customer support

We develop the new generation of the office supplies, taking into consideration the last innovations.

When manufacturing our products, we use polycarbonate. This material is stronger than plastic and has a long service life of at least 15 years. The level of emissions released into the environment during polycarbonate manufacturing is extremely low, as well, as it is produced in closed processes with careful emission treatment practices. When a polycarbonate product reaches the end of its life cycle, we can recover, recycle, or dispose of it safely.

Our engineers and designers create one-of-a-kind, sleek products with top-level functionality. We make each solution to improve comfort, space savings, and ergonomics, and we take the latest technologies and developments into account. All STEALTHO products have utility patents or are in patent-pending status.



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