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File Organizer

File Organizer

STEALTHO Folder Organizer is perfect for any filing needs, whether you want to organize your desktop or use it on the wall. It will hold Letter and A4 size files!

  • Prevents sliding
  • The front ledge
  • 5 storage sections
  • BPA free
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We’ve reconsidered the design of File Organizer and won RedDot2021, the most prestigious design award

What you get

3-Way mount

3-Way mount

No tools assembly

No tools assembly

All file types

All file types

Office supplies ledge

Office supplies ledge

Won’t fall apart

Won’t fall apart

Techical advantages

Our patented boltless system allows you to assemble the organizer without bolts and screws for any point of use on the wall and partition.

Our file folder organizer fully complies with our mission and cuts the use of plastic by three times, due to its multiple operating features: it can be mounted, desktop, wall-mounted. You need only 1 Stealtho Organizer.



With silicone pads on the bottom of the file folder organizer to prevent sliding, your desk surface is safe.

The front tray can be used for storing letters, various office supplies, books and desktop devices


To use it as a wall mount, simply turn over the base and insert the A-side divider into the base


To install on the partition, use the hooks that come with it

File Organizer

desk file holder Stealtho
Folder-S1 Stealtho
file holder Stealtho
Folder-S3 Stealtho
Folder-S2 Stealtho
  • RED DOT AWARD WINNER 2021: Folder Organizer can be used for Desk, Wall or Partition. Great storage solution for your home, office, and classroom.
  • PATENTED BOLTLESS SYSTEM: Easy assembly, no nuts or bolts required. It can be easily assembled by hand in minutes. With these vertical mount file folder racks, you will always know where everything is!
  • 5 STORAGE SECTIONS: Fit Letter size and A4 document. Designed to hold documents, magazines, catalogs, file folders, mails, books, paper
  • NO MORE SLIDING: Silicone pads on the bottom prevents sliding and are safe for any surface. The front ledge can be used as a pen holder to store office supplies, mobile devices, and any other stationery
  • WON’T FALL APART: This desktop file binder organizer is made of high-quality polycarbonate. It has a sturdy base, which makes it very stable

Technical parameters

Color ‎Black or White Weight ‎3.69 pounds (1.6 kg) Package dimensions ‎‎14.2 x 11 x 3.9 inches (36 x 28 x 10 cm) Material type ‎Polycarbonate, silicone Size ‎Letter & A4, 4-5 sections Mounting type ‎horizontal, vertical
Black or White 3.69 pounds (1.6 kg) ‎14.2 x 11 x 3.9 inches (36 x 28 x 10 cm) Polycarbonate, silicone Letter & A4, 4-5 sections horizontal, vertical

Package includes

Base ‎1 Dividers ‎5
1 5

What our
customers say

5/5 28 January 2022

Just got this new HWE organizer and I'm in love with how it works and the way it suits my workplace.

5/5 3 December 2021

Just wanted to share a few thoughts on chair wheels I bought as a replacement for my old ones. For all of those who want to reduce noise and save your floor from damage, I'd say this thing does the job perfectly!

5/5 8 May 2021

Got these because of the hint of blue! The blue pops more than the pictures suggest so keep that in mind. Also thought it would be as quiet as the Herman Miller MultiSurface casters, slightly quieter. Easier to maneuver, chair almost feels lighter. Chair in picture is Gaming Embody by Herman Miller for reference.





File Sorter Organizer Advantages

Horizontal or wall mounted folder organizers owe their popularity to a number of important advantages. The STEALTHO incline file sorter conquers users due to the:

  • Reliability. The product is made of durable material, is functional, and has the necessary strength to cope with the heavy load.
  • Easy care. No additional products are required to keep the accessory clean. You just need to periodically wipe the dust off the file sorter organizer with a damp cloth for cleaning.
  • Classic colors. The manufacturer complemented the hanging file sorter with decent and really popular colors, such as black and white.
  • Design. The vertical file sorter has a solid and modern design so it easily fits different interiors and greatly complements the atmosphere.
  • Safety. The file folder sorter does not have chemical or any other unpleasant odors. The STEALTHO company pays a lot of attention to this moment because the presence of unpleasant odors indicates a low quality of products and the possible presence of harmful substances in the dye.
  • Convenience. The presence of a notch makes it easy and simple to get documents.
  • High material density. The file storage organizer is suitable for both a small number of documents and thick folders or stationery books.
  • Ergonomics. This means that the horizontal file sorter saves free space on the table, doing it most conveniently.

The horizontal arrangement of the desk file organizer is often used for office and home use. The popular model allows you to quickly navigate through the content and find the reports you need without browsing through all the stored files.

Essential benefit

The STEALTHO office file sorter is made of polycarbonate which already says a lot. The material itself is really popular due to some special aspects.

  • Ultra high strength and impact resistance. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of damaging the black or white file sorter, as the material is used in the manufacture of police shields, bulletproof glass, and government vehicles.
  • Excellent optical properties and UV blocking. Polycarbonate conducts light radiation well, while not transmitting ultraviolet, which makes it an excellent material for the production of translucent structures. Also, polycarbonate retains heat very well, and therefore it is very popular in the manufacture of greenhouse structures.
  • Polycarbonate is very light compared to acrylic and other thermoplastics. Therefore, it’s convenient to transport and install.
  • Resistance to any climatic conditions – high and low temperatures, excess sunlight, and precipitation. Polycarbonate structures easily endure any weather conditions and are therefore used in almost all corners of the globe.
  • Durability. Polycarbonate by itself is practically eternal because it does not decompose organically.

Not every office product is made of this material, so this upright file sorter will surely last for more than one year even with active loads and the negative influence of environmental factors.

A few tips for organizing your workspace

The key to the proper organization of any workplace is the person who works on it since the organization of the table must be individually selected and most convenient for a particular employee. Why? Because what is convenient for one employee may be completely unacceptable for another. However, first, you need to sort out all the documents that you have to work with most often and organize them in such a way that they are always at hand. If you get into the habit of putting various office supplies back into an incline file folder sorter after using them, you will notice that you have even more space on your desktop than you thought! For example, it will be very convenient not only to organize files and documents in the wall mounted file holder but also office items using special cups or coasters. Thus, you provide yourself with the most comfortable working space, where there is a special place for everything, with the help of useful and decorative wall file holders for office papers.

Remember that the continuous work with documents is a sufficient reason to purchase a folder organizer for desk that helps to increase the efficiency of tasks. An indispensable assistant in any company is designed to store and sort papers of various importance. Laconic products can also be used to lay out the blank paper, which will be used for printing. A wide range of brand file organizers will please the most demanding customers. You can find  In the catalog of design solutions classic products that are radically different from the products of other companies. The vertical file holder will allow you to take care of the workspace of company employees or a home office. Organize your desktop space wisely!

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