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Chair Wheels

Chair Wheels

STEALTHO Patented Replacement Chair Wheels set of 5 – with the 7/16”x7/8” standard stem – except IKEA

  • Save your hardwood floor
  • No plastic chair mat needed
  • Free rolling over cables
  • Soft polyurethane
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Brake pedal - $50.00

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Upgrade your Office Chair with STEALTHO Wheels

What you get

Utility Patent

Utility Patent

Safe for all Floors

Safe for all Floors

Roll Over Cables

Roll Over Cables

Glow in The Dark

Glow in The Dark

Smooth & Quiet Rolling

Smooth & Quiet Rolling

Techical advantages

Replacement office chair caster wheels is the patented development No. US 10,434,820

Designed by STEALTHO.

Our team constructs every set with elastic polyurethane, which is the safest material for your floor. The rest of the wheel components are made of high-quality steel, which makes them suited even to heavy loads and years of service in your home or office.

Thanks to the combination of polyurethane and an ABEС 9 bearing, STEALTHO wheels rotate quietly.



7/16”x7/8” stem fit all ordinary task chairs (except IKEA)



fixes the stem to prevent the dangling, no wobble even with worn-out base housing holes


in the cage that prevents them from falling out


Its shape is achieved by 3-times pressing at a temperature of 3000 ºC, that’s why the set of wheels can withstand up to 660 pounds


used in the most expensive skateboards for glide smooth rolling



safe for all floors, roll over cables, and its luminophore can glow in the dark

Chair Wheels

replacement wheels Stealtho
wheels for hardwood floor Stealtho
replacement caster Stealtho
office chair rollers Stealtho
  • U.S. UTILITY PATENT: caster system for moving furniture. We reconsidered mechanical design and engineering. The unique design is completely free from problems of analog casters, balls falling out, vertical pin fracture, body failure
  • NO CHAIR MATS NEEDED – SAFE FOR ALL FLOORS: Our premium office chair swivel wheels are safe for any kind of hardwood floor, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile, carpet. Simple office chairs wheels replacements for you!
  • SMOOTH & QUIET BARRIER-FREE ROLLING: High-tech elastic urethane of our office chair wheels makes movements easy and noiseless. This chair castor will glide smoothly and not scratch your hardwood floors.
  • NEW STEM DESIGN & HEAVY DUTY ABEC9 BEARINGS: New geometry of our heavy-duty casters prevent axial run-out bearing of our chair rubber roller wheels.

Technical parameters

Color ‎Black Weight ‎3.69 pounds (1.6 kg) Package dimensions ‎8.11 x 4.84 x 3.31 inches (21 x 12 x 8.5 cm) Material type ‎ Steel, Polyurethane Steem size ‎7/16”x7/8”
Black 3.69 pounds (1.6 kg) 8.11 x 4.84 x 3.31 inches (21 x 12 x 8.5 cm) Steel, Polyurethane 7/16”x7/8”

Package includes

Chair wheels ‎5 pcs
5 pcs

What our
customers say

5/5 28 January 2022

Just got this new HWE organizer and I'm in love with how it works and the way it suits my workplace.

5/5 3 December 2021

Just wanted to share a few thoughts on chair wheels I bought as a replacement for my old ones. For all of those who want to reduce noise and save your floor from damage, I'd say this thing does the job perfectly!

5/5 8 May 2021

Got these because of the hint of blue! The blue pops more than the pictures suggest so keep that in mind. Also thought it would be as quiet as the Herman Miller MultiSurface casters, slightly quieter. Easier to maneuver, chair almost feels lighter. Chair in picture is Gaming Embody by Herman Miller for reference.



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All you Need to Know about Chair Casters: Features, Materials, How to Pick and Replace?

Chair casters are a crucial component of office furniture since it determines its comfort and ergonomics. These small wheels make chairs so mobile, allowing employees to freely and quickly move within the workplace. The quality of rollers directly influences employees’ comfort. So, it is essential to pick high-quality, durable rubber casters for office chairs to make furniture serve for long years.

Features and Requirements

The peculiarity of office furniture is that the more comfortable and durable it is, the heavier it is. To maintain mobility, durable and quality chair wheels are needed. Rollers should meet a set of criteria:

  1. Strength. Not only durability but also safety depends on this. If office chair rollers suddenly break, furniture will warp, and an employee can fall.
  2. Durability. Chair castors must withstand significant loads for a long time.
  3. Comfort. Soft office chair wheels dampen small joints on the floor better.
  4. Ease of rotation. The chair should save energy and not turn into a simulator. This parameter depends not only on the quality of office chair casters but also on the correct choice.
  5. Aesthetic pleasure. Rubber chair casters on gaming chairs can be stylized as car rims.


The main rule is that soft casters should be selected for hard floors and vice versa. Strong caster wheels for a carpet will be the best choice. Otherwise, rollers will leave scratches on the floor or roll even more. Therefore, you need to choose the right material for wheels.

  1. Plastic models are the most inexpensive. They are placed on most chairs. Such office chair wheels for carpets are the best solution, as they do not leave traces on them. Yet, it is not the best choice for parquet and linoleum since the first material will be scratched, and thin linoleum will be rubbed.
  2. Silicone non-scratch office chair wheels are good for uneven floors. They do not leave traces on the parquet and laminate, allowing users to use it freely, even on the joints. The strength of such desk chair casters is lower than polyurethane.
  3. Rubber desk chair wheels are similar to silicone but may leave dark streaks on lacquered floors. They are not suitable for sterile environments.
  4. Polyurethane rollerblade office chair wheels. High strength is combined with an attractive appearance and an abundance of colors. These office casters are well proved on all types of floor coverings. The material is resistant to aggressive influences, which allows using such non-marking office chair wheels in the office and at home.

How to Pick Office Chair Wheels?

  1. Consider the type of flooring. With what materials is the floor covered? Is it a carpet, hardwood, or linoleum?
  2. Choose rigidity. Depending on the material, concentrate on soft office chair wheels for hardwood floors or strong desk chair wheels for carpets.
  3. Calculate the load. Note that rubber castor wheels for office chairs have the maximum allowed carrying capacity. Check specs to find out the capacity of one roller. Multiply the figure at the number of wheels and find out an approximate load. It is recommended to install computer chair wheels for carpets and hardwood floors with an extra load left.
  4. Check fasteners. In what way will gaming chair wheels for carpets or linoleum be installed? Various models are mounted differently. There are flat and U-shaped brackets for fastening. Depending on the chair model, only one can fit.
  5. Decide if you need a stopper. Keep in mind that one stopper will not be enough. It is advisable to install at least a few wheels with a stopper.

When you analyze these parameters, you’ll have a clear vision of what you need. Now, you’re ready to look through catalogs and pick suitable models.

How to Replace Rollers?

Office chair wheel replacement is an easy process that does not require special knowledge or background. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the correct replacement of chair casters:

  1. Turn over the chair so that seat casters are on top.
  2. Remove wheels from the cross. To do this, you just need to pull them towards you.
  3. Remove covers from the rays of the cross with the help of a screwdriver.
  4. Pull out damaged plugs of the case before adding casters to a chair.
  5. Mount new seals and assemble all parts in the reverse order: first, casings, and then rollerblade caster wheels.

Replacement roller wheels for office chairs will take just a few minutes. If you need to replace office chair wheels with sliders, the process won’t change. The only thing is to buy the right rollers in advance.

To draw the line, note that it is difficult to find universal office chair wheels because each material demonstrates better properties on different surfaces. Thus, it is better to pick quiet office chair wheels, taking into account a set of criteria where the floor material is the most significant one. Remember, durable quality chair wheels for carpets and hardwood can’t be cheap.

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