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A perfectionist’s dream: 12 things to put on a desk

Jul 7 read

Psychologists say that work productivity directly depends on how the workplace is organized and we agree with them. It is much more pleasant to work in a comfortable and pleasing environment than among chaotically scattered papers and stationery. The laptop has made life easier so the work has become mobile. Even sitting on the couch or lying in bed can be effective. Despite all this, there is nothing better than a well-arranged workspace with a desk and a comfortable chair. At least your back will thank you. It’s important not only to organize a workplace but to carefully examine the surface of the desk and collect cool things to put on your desk at work that will contribute to efficiency.

Things to put on a desk: List

Consider the location of the table in such a way that there are many outlets next to it. Long wires stretching and tangling underfoot are a nightmare to clean. This is especially noticeable if you only need a laptop for work. Place a small tray or decorative bowl/organizer on the table for good things to keep at work. You can also put stationery here if, for example, there are no drawers on your desk. We have already said about the need for the correct level of humidity in the room in which you work but your own water balance is also no less important. Put a decanter on your desk, it will be your eternal reminder that it’s time to drink another glass of water.

5 items that should be removed from the desktop

It’s better to print only really important papers and use electronic options for everything else. Nobody needs large stacks, which, to be honest, you will most likely use only once. Take care of nature and a clean workspace as there are things you don’t need to have in your office, just get rid of excess waste paper.

Touching crumbs-souvenirs and trinkets are useless and distract from work, besides they accumulate dust. We don’t need this stuff to put on desk.

We write by hand less and less, so various pens and pencils are not what you and your desk need.

Used writing utensils are often collected in a glass for pencil pens. Conduct an audit and immediately send to the dustbin all the useless things for work.

There is nothing wrong with healthy and tasty things to put on your desk at work: dried fruits and nuts will only help keep you in good shape when there is no time for a full meal but less useful products like chocolate bars, sandwiches, and buns also accumulate on the table. Needless to say, these are useless things to put on office desk. Keep an eye not only on accessories but also on the hygiene of the work surface and wipe it regularly from dust.


If you constantly do not have enough space on your desktop, think about how often you use what is on it? Elementary organizers for pens and paper clips, as it turns out, are needed not on your desk but near the office MFP. You, in most cases, need one ballpoint pen twice a day. Let it lie in the drawer of the nightstand. There’s a simple rule – let the things you use often lie closer and what you rarely use – let them lie far away.

Let’s pay additional attention to the light one more time. Remember that direct sunlight has a downside: it can hit your eyes and the screen can shine but this is solvable. It’s better to place the table so that the light does not fall on the screen and does not dazzle (if possible). White roller blinds will help out in a case when there’s no space: the room will still be light but it will be diffused and it won’t interfere with work. Not everyone loves light and some people work better in the dark. While being such a person, think about how to take it into account in the workplace. Alternatively, you can turn on not all ceiling lamps but add light to light-loving colleagues with table lamps.

Where to place items on the table according to feng shui?

Do you think business papers are the most popular things for office desk? That’s not true. What to put on your desk to attract success, money, and save relationships? Some cozy home items. A lamp in the left corner of the table will provide a person not only with enough light but also with an inflow of funds. In addition, it would be nice to place a metal figurine in the left corner – this also helps to attract money. You should put a figure of a couple in love in the far right corner, this will help to strike a balance between family and work, to maintain family relationships. The emotional good things to keep at work should dominate on the right. The desktop can be decorated with a living plant in a pot – this is a source of yang energy necessary for efficient activity. A desk needs a black marble sculpture to achieve well-being in a career. Here’s one more secret – there should always be more things on the left than on the right because the sun rises on the left and all processes begin to develop. That is why the left side should prevail. 

Keep order 

One of the main laws for feng shui at work is to maintain perfect order and cleanliness. Order is an indispensable guarantee of business success. No blockages, dumps of unnecessary papers, and other rubbish. Disorder breeds disorganization. When there is a disorder, there is no circulation of positive qi energy and therefore there will be no good luck and health.

Despite the existence of generally accepted rules, each person has his own characteristics and preferences in the design of the workplace and things to put on desk. Much depends on the type of temperament, mood, and the essence of the work. Some people prefer austerity without any things on desk, others can’t imagine it with no cool things to put on your desk. When a person does not know about his/her preferences, he/she can try different options and select a happy medium that is relevant for him/her. As for the workplace at home, everything can be more complicated because, in addition to the competent selection of things to have in your desk at work, you need to take care getting rid of annoying factors.

Anyway, the ideal workplace is one where nothing distracts from work. All the desk items for work should encourage concentration and positively affect productivity. Do not neglect your health even during the most important work. Do regular exercises for the eyes and use a foot massager with a relief surface.

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