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The best replacement wheels for an office chair 2023

Sep 9 read


Consider yourself to be seated in a comfy, ergonomic office chair. The chair’s back supports the back, and the hands rest on the armrests. But when you try to move, you hear the creak of wheels and see marks on the floor.

Are you familiar with such a situation? Replacement wheels can be a great solution. To help you with this, we have prepared a TOP-5 rating for these products. We studied user reviews, Amazon ratings, and YouTube reviews.

Why It Matters

Best office chair casters are your comfort in the workplace. You can move freely without additional effort, creaking, or other interference. You will notice the difference if your workspace furniture is equipped with high-quality wheels. The flexibility to instantly change direction, rotate, and swivel will be a welcome addition to a successful purchase.

We are well versed in this issue of quality fittings for office furniture. As a result, we have compiled a list of the best rollerblade wheels for office chairs as of 2022.

Based on this rating, you will be able to choose the model that suits you. So sit comfortably in your chair – it will be interesting.

Chair Wheels by Stealtho

Stealtho is a sophisticated workplace accessory and supply business created by professional engineers. Stealtho’s basic concept is to create multipurpose items out of recyclable materials, which helps to save the world and minimize the quantity of harmful waste.


Stealtho Office Chair Wheels is a proprietary product, the firm’s creation, which they are very proud of. The design is unique because it includes two additional push ball bearings to prevent the ball from slipping out. It also solves another typical office wheel problem – vertical pin breakage.

Key benefits

Use of recyclable materials, unique patent… What else? Stealtho wheels have other valuable features. For example:

In addition, their diameter (11 mm) matches the dimensions of most brands of chairs, so they will most likely fit your favorite office furniture.


There aren’t many negatives to this approach. However, there are a few:

Overall, the revolutionary Stealtho Office Chair Caster Wheels are one-of-a-kind.

Choose a platform to buy

Office Owl – Office Chair Wheels

Office Owl is another company that makes polyurethane casters for office chairs. Soft material doesn’t leave scratches and scuffs, regardless of your interior. The office chair will roll effortlessly across the carpet, drive through cables, and leave no marks.

Product Features

Office Owl chair wheels are an excellent replacement for plastic furniture wheels. Among polyurethane models, they are also at the top of the ranking.

Main advantages

The Office Owl brand is known for its conciseness and practicality. Chair casters provide the following benefits:

Office Owl products are durable and practical. An additional bonus is the client-friendly price list, which makes it affordable for many customers. Most often sold as a set of 5 units.


The disadvantages of this type are minor, but they exist: consumers report that the wheels do not move well on high-pile carpets. They also do not fit all chair models, so it is worth checking compatibility in advance.

The Office Oasis Original Rollerblade Chair Wheels

Since 2016, this company has been creating office chair wheels. Products are designed and manufactured in the United States and are well-known in the furniture fittings industry.

Description & Details

A lifetime warranty is one of the primary advantages of this brand’s goods. Because the producer is confident in the quality of its goods, it gives a complete refund in the case of failure. Also included is a 10% bonus on any other purchases.


In addition to the lifetime warranty, the Office Oasis chair wheels give you these bonuses:


All of the above ensures the product’s durability, but you can get your money back if the design still becomes unusable.


Let us now discuss the model’s shortcomings. These are some examples:

Driving on the carpet also presents some challenges. It is true even for low-pile carpets. When placing an order, keep these facts in mind.

Office Chair Wheels by LIFELONG

Lifelong is a firm that makes office items. Polyurethane wheels for office chairs are one such device that will substantially improve daily living. A lifelong fundamental credo is a durability at a low price.

Description & Details

LIFELONG replacement wheels will suit your office chairs and improve your working environment. They also protect the floor from scratches, eliminating the need for protective mats.


In addition to caring for the floor covering, these wheels have the following advantages:

All these pluses determine the long juice of the product – indeed, the Lifelong brand lives up to its name.


Let me now discuss the disadvantages:

Lifelong is a beautiful low-cost alternative for an office or workroom. Alternatively, it can be used for a conference room with a lot of office furniture.

Replacement Caster Wheels by SunnieDog

Another manufacturer of chair castors that can be replaced. SunnieDog offers its product as a long-lasting, high-quality replacement.

Description & Details

The wheels are suitable for regular office and gaming chairs. They are safe on all floors, so you never have to worry about ripped carpets or scratched boards. You can also safely ride the cables without damaging them or getting stuck.


In addition to floor safety, SunnieDog products have other benefits:

These products are a great way to update your office or gaming tool and enjoy the comfort of ease of movement.


It’s time to discuss the shortcomings. The main ones include:

Otherwise, SunnieDog is a good choice for your office or home workplace. And it won’t cost too much.


Here we have listed the best replacement wheels for office chairs. They can be used by almost any brand of furniture. They will not damage your floor in the office or room. You will not find anything better than polyurethane rollers with a steel core.

The best office chair wheels should move without problems and rotate silently, should not damage scratchboards or laminate, and should withstand heavy loads.

Then the product will be durable, and its service life will be long. Additional valuable features will also be useful – for example, glow in the dark.


Will the replacement wheels fit my favorite chair?

Most likely, yes, if you did not buy it at IKEA. The replacement wheels have a pin diameter of 11mm, which is suitable for most office furniture brands. IKEA furniture needs different fittings.

Will these wheels damage the antique oak parquet in my room?

No. Soft polyurethane is suitable for your interior, for all types of coatings. It means that you can remove protective carpets even from your favorite parquet or laminate. At the same time, many models move with ease, including on high-pile carpeting.

Do I need to invite a specialist to replace the wheels?

No, you don’t even need any tools. Just press until it clicks, and you’re done. Everyone can handle it.

How much weight can these wheels support?

It depends on the manufacturer and specific model. However, on average, for quality goods, this figure is 500-600 pounds for a set of five units (that is, 100-120 pounds for one wheel).

Do they have any additional features?

In some, yes. For example, the Stealtho product glows in the dark. The brand also makes its products from recyclable materials. It will surely appeal to those buyers who care about the environment.

What is the lifespan of the best rollerblade office chair wheels?

Some brands give a lifetime warranty on their products. But, in any case, they have a very long service life of high-quality wheels for computer chairs – no less than that of office furniture. Some brands even give a lifetime product warranty – you can take advantage of that.

STEALTHO Replacement Chair Wheels

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