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Helpful Tips Organize Your Office Desk

Jun 6 read

Scientists have proven that the human brain is able to simultaneously keep in the field of attention no more than 5 different things at the same time. Only a genius can do it and the limit of attention of an ordinary person is only two or three things. Here are some computer desk organization ideas for better efficiency and inspiration at work. You should get rid of irritants in the workplace to improve productivity. External factors constantly distract and do not allow you to concentrate. As a result, deadlines are broken, important things are not completed, and the results of negotiations with important clients are not summed up. You should create a perfect workspace for yourself to get rid of these problems. Desk organization is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

Work desk in the room.

Easy ways to organize your work in the office

So are you wondering how to organize a office desk? Easily!

Start with a clean desk

Make it a rule for yourself every time to remove from the surface of the table all objects that you do not work with (before the start of the working day). Here you have one more organizing tip for office: if you are working with paper documents, leave them and turn the computer monitor off.

Get rid of irritants. Some details that may at first glance seem like minor trifles, in fact, greatly affect productivity. Adjusting the height of the seat and changing the background music increase productivity by several times. It is enough to write down any little thing that distracts attention for several weeks to determine these factors. The result will be a list of things to work on.


Elementary cup holders for pens and paper clips might be useless for you as in most cases you need one ballpoint pen. Let it lie in the drawer of the nightstand and correctly organize computer desk.

Get everything personal off your desk

It is very touching to keep family photos on the desk but all they are distractions. Of course, there’s a thought that it’s important and helpful for workers to enjoy the photos of loved ones but it needs to be done during your break. Put the photo in a folder on your computer desktop and open it to admire when you have a lunch break.

Clean up your desk

Office organization tips and tricks include the necessity to remove all plants from the table. It is useful to look at the ficus-cactus-geranium periodically but you should see the work and nothing else while working. 

Sit comfortably

One last office organization tip: your monitor should be just below your eye level.

If you are thinking about how to organize your work desk and workplace in the office, use the additional planning tool. These are cork and marker boards, as well as accessories for them (magnets, markers, buttons, and erasing sponges). A corkboard can help you stick to reminders, while a whiteboard is a great place to explain new ideas to employees and make plans. Boards will not only unload the space but will also help determine the sequence of work actions and visually demonstrate progress.

Home office: how to organize an office desk under current conditions

Every person has to come to work with pleasure, especially if there are five steps to work. We have an opportunity to create a dream workplace at home, comfortable, functional, and inspiring. Let’s check out the home office desk organization ideas.

Organized workspace with office chair and laptop.

Separate workplace

The first step to computer desk organization and productivity is a full-fledged workplace creation, separate from other areas of the apartment. It is important not only to find any horizontal surface on which you can put a laptop but to allocate a small area for a mini-office. It is recommended to work, not transfer household chores and things to the seamlessly organized desk. This helps to quickly get involved in the process and creates the effect of coming to work.

Select the brightest place in the apartment for the working area, perfectly opposite or to the right of the window. It can be an insulated loggia, a corner in the bedroom, or an enlarged window sill in the living room. Daylight, an inspiring view from the window, and rest for the eyes affect well-being and productivity. Popular desk organization ideas for work won’t be full without a table lamp that will come in handy in the evening.

Separate the workplace at least visually from the rest of the space to create a sense of isolation. You can use a through the rack to do this. On the one hand, it zones the space, on the other hand, it is a place for storing books, folders with documents, and working equipment. A place to work can also be found in small apartments: in a niche, on a windowsill, and even in a closet. A folding table is also a good desk tip for those who save space.

Convenience and beauty in the design of the workplace

The balance of beauty and comfort when choosing a desk and chair is as important as buying other furniture. The dimensions of the table should be commensurate with the area of ​​​​the room. It has to be with additional storage drawers which will hide the creative mess from the eyes. You can store not only working documents in the drawers but in general all papers. Meanwhile, when the whole room is made in a minimalist style, a simple desk on four legs will look more harmonious than a bureau with drawers.

Non-obvious details become noticeable that affect comfort when working from home. For example, wires from equipment, artificial lighting, storage of documents, and stationery. You can avoid inconvenience if you foresee these details in advance and use desk organization ideas: 

Organized desk workspace with chair, computer, and file holder.

Source of inspiration

A home office can become a favorite place if you will choose the best way to organize desk and decorate it to your liking. Inspiration can be drawn from the environment. A cork, magnetic, or slate writing board helps to streamline your thoughts and tune in to a creative wave. It’s recommended not to go overboard with motivational posters, postcards, and photographs, as they can make the workflow more creative or distract all the time.

Tips for those who work from home

There is a risk of going to 2 extremes: endless procrastination or non-stop work in remote work. It is important to draw a line between work and personal time and be able to switch.

Following these rules will allow you to keep the workplace in order, and it means that you will be able to do much more by the end of the day.

How to arrange things on the desktop according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui arranged things on the table.

It’s important to get rid of scribbled pens, unnecessary papers in drawers, a broken stapler, and a battered computer mouse pad before starting organizing a desktop in Feng Shui. All things of this kind, broken and unused, should be thrown away immediately. One of the postulates of the teaching says that rubbish and old things are an obstacle to the circulation of beneficial energy. Fanciful tables trimmed with complex decorative elements, especially those made of metal, having sharp corners and asymmetric motifs, are not welcome. Natural materials, especially wood, contribute to the Feng Shui of the workplace to stimulate the work process in the office. Make sure that there are no bulky structures above your head (shelves, chandeliers, air conditioners, etc.) after the desk is installed. They interfere with the free flow of thoughts, interfere with the work process, and interrupt the flow of positive energy.

Mentally divide your organized work desk into 9 equal parts. Pick a few of the most important areas of your life that you want to improve and follow the tips below. Each section in the grid is associated with a specific color. We will talk about the arrangement of things on the table and if you have objects that match the colors of the selected area, then it is better to use them. Remember, it is important not to overdo it. A large number of things clutter up the workspace and interfere with the creative process. Make sure that 50% of the working surface of the table is always free. Do not try to equip all 9 sections on the organized desk at once. First, choose 2-3 areas of life in which you want to put things in order, and take care of them first.

1. Wealth and prosperity

The far left corner of the desktop represents well-being. Decorate this space to attract money and wealth. This corner is a great place for a plant or some expensive and valuable thing, for example, a crystal vase.

2. Fame and reputation

Want to be the center of attention more often? The section responsible for glory is in the center, closer to the far edge. Try to place your business cards, advertising booklets, or just a sign with your name and position there. By the way, this is a great place for things that motivate you (diplomas, awards, and so on).

3. Love and relationships

The far right corner of the table represents love and relationships. Place a freshly cut flower there if you don’t have a beloved one. It is believed that this will give you good luck on the dating front. Place your joint photo in this corner if you already have a soulmate.

4. Family

A family photo on the table is a well-known Feng Shui principle. Only a few people know that this photo is recommended to be placed in the middle of the left side of the table by performing office desk organization ideas. A wooden frame around the photo promotes the movement of energy in this area.

5. Health

The middle of the desktop is responsible for health. Try to keep this part of your workplace clean and tidy.

6. Creativity

Want to boost your creativity? Mark something that inspires you in the center of the right side of the workplace organized office desk. If you want to be a writer, put down the book. If you want to be an artist, post a photo of a painting masterpiece. In fact, anything can be here, just be creative.

7. Knowledge and wisdom

Do you find it difficult to memorize new information? Do you want to be smart beyond your years? Take care of the arrangement of the front left corner. Place a reference book or some smart book here.

8. Career

The career site is directly in front of you (front and center). Do not create a mess here, it is better to place motivating quotes, slogans or affirmations.

9. Helpful people and travel

Look at the front right corner of the table when you need other people’s help. This is the most suitable location to place a smartphone. This sector is also responsible for travel, so a guidebook or a photo with a dream resort is usually also put there.

Desk organization allows you to bring under control not only things but also thoughts, so desk organization tips need to be given a lot of attention.

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