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How to Make Office Chairs More Comfortable

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Working at the computer, studying, and gaming are all associated with many hours of sitting in one position. To reduce the load on your back, to ensure maximum comfort and functionality, you need to carefully consider the choice of a chair. The mechanisms with which this element of the interior is equipped are largely responsible for convenience. Office chair accessories, swing mechanisms, height adjustment, and backrest tilt in office and gaming computer chairs will create the right conditions for work and health.

Why Office Chair Comfort is Important

The computer chair is an important element for creating a comfortable and functional work area. Long hours spent at the table create additional stress on the spine and musculoskeletal system. You can reduce fatigue and not harm your health if you choose the right chair.

For everyone whose work or study involves the use of a computer, it is important to have a comfortable chair that is maximally adapted to the individual physiological characteristics of the human body. An incorrect, long-term stay in an office or gaming chair that is not configured for the parameters of a particular person leads to back pain as well as more serious consequences such as problems with intervertebral discs, spinal sprains, etc. The correct choice and adjustment of the office chair will help to avoid negative consequences.

How to Setup Your Office Chair Comfortably?

The correct adjustment of a computer office chair is quite an important point in the organization of the work area when using parts to change the position and characteristics. After all, it is necessary to ensure not only a comfortable position for the employee but also to prevent such unpleasant moments as back pain and fatigue as much as possible.

how to make chair more comfortable

Adjust the Height

Adjusting the height of the computer chair seat in accordance with the height of the workplace and your own height It is important that the height of the chair correspond to your height.

Criteria for determining the optimal height of an office chair:

You can adjust the height of the chair in a big way as follows: slightly stand up and lift the lever located under the seat. When you reach the desired height, release it.

Adjustment of the seat height is carried out without getting up from the chair—just pull the lever. When the chair falls to the desired height under the weight of your body, release the lever.

Adjust the Recline

Adjusting the backrest tilt also matters. The angle of inclination should be such that an employee or a fan of computer games can support his back when he is in his favorite position.

There is an adjustment screw on the back of the backrest that will help you adjust the angle of inclination to the desired value. To do this, unscrew the screw and, leaning forward or backward, determine the most convenient position for yourself. When the selection is made, fix the screw.

Add Accessories

When it comes to office chairs, many people are content with just the chair itself. However, there are many accessories and add-ons available for office chairs that can add extra comfort, support, and functionality.

Lumbar support pillows are designed to provide additional support to the lower back, which can help create comfort, prevent pain, and improve posture. These pillows are especially useful for people who spend long hours sitting and may experience lower back pain.

Head restraints provide additional support for the head and neck, which facilitates the condition and prevents pain and fatigue. They also help to keep the head and neck in a neutral position, which improves posture.

The addition of a soft pad on the armrest provides additional support for the shoulders and arms, which can help relieve pain, discomfort, and fatigue. They also help keep the shoulders and arms in a neutral position, which ensures proper posture.

Optimal Chair Height For Desk:

optimal chair height for desk

Top Office Chair Accessories To Enhance Your Workspace

The correct fit is 90⁰ degrees. It is stressful on the body to sit in a long static position. You should always look for a comfortable, relaxed position, without losing the correct bend of the back. To do this, specialists work in the production of office furniture and accessories and think over every element. Computer chair accessories enhance the functionality and ergonomics of the chair.


Thanks to the widespread use of computers, footrests have gained increased popularity among those who work a lot in a sitting position. The footrest is still used to support the desired position and rest the legs, and it is one of the most important elements of a computer workplace. It is especially relevant for people of small stature and those who are used to working at a computer desk in a reclining position. All of this is required for long hours.

Lumbar back support

The back of the chair should support the back and lower back as comfortably as possible. That is why preference should be given to the anatomical position, especially if the whole working day is spent in the chair. The design has an anatomical shape, completely repeats the bend, and is almost 100% in contact with it. An additional advantage will be the presence of an additional cushion under the lower back.

lumbar back support for chairThis will allow you to unload the lumbar region as much as possible. Mesh models are designed for the back and lumbar region. The mesh back also completely takes the shape of a spine.

It is better to choose the appropriate position according to your feelings when you sit down on the chair. in addition to how much time you spend sitting.

If you work in a sitting position for 5 hours or more, then over time your back gets tired, and your posture will begin to take on the position of the letter “C,” when it should take the position of the letter “S.”

Pay attention to the models with lumbar support, which is optimal for work in the office or at home.

Armrest covers

Armrests relieve shoulder girdle and elbow tension. The optimal angle of the elbows is 90-120⁰. The most comfortable option would be an adjustment.

The main task of products is to relieve the load from the arms, shoulders, upper trapezium, and deltoid muscles. Models with soft pads on the armrests will provide more comfort.

The memory-effect material will help you position your hands in a neutral position so you don’t have to stretch your arms to reach a computer mouse or keyboard.

Ergonomic cushion

Sitting in a chair, 60% of a person’s weight presses on the seat. When we choose a computer chair, convenience is an important criterion. This is achieved due to such parameters as the softness of the seat. The edge should be rounded so as not to squeeze the vessels of the sitting person and disrupt blood flow.

Chair cover

Workplaces should be not only functional but also aesthetic. It is best when the decorative upholstery harmonizes with the overall design of the office or working place. You should also pay attention to the technical characteristics of the material for office chairs.

Experts distinguish three main types of office chair upholstery:

1.  Genuine leather;

2.  Artificial leather: eco-leather and leatherette;

3.  Fabric.

The fabric is soft, elastic, and inexpensive. Depending on the manufacturer, different quality, weaving, and fiber combinations are used. The practicality of the material depends on it.

Eco-leather is artificial leather on a fabric basis. Hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and tactilely pleasing.

Genuine leather is a durable, high-status, and expensive material. It does not wipe over time and retains its appearance for 10–15 years.


The headrest reduces the load on the neck by changing the height. It is worth taking his choice seriously if you often recline in a chair in an almost reclining position. Otherwise, whether the headrest is static or not, this will become a problem and definitely affect your comfort.headrest office chair

Floor mat

Some sellers provide customers with more than just mats, despite the fact that modern rollerblades and ergonomic chairs do not damage the floor coverings. This additional accessory can be useful in the presence of carpet.

Replacement Wheels

The service life of the wheels of an office chair is calculated in kilometers. A high-quality product can travel at least 15 kilometers before the first breakdown, which is equivalent to at least ten years of service in normal operation. Modern wheels come in two typesoffor soft and hard surfaces. If the coating is hard —tile, parquet, granite—it is better to buy soft casters in Stealtho. If the floor covering is softer, such as carpet or linoleum, it is better to choose hard casters. Some users choose universal options designed for any type of floor covering.

chair wheels replacement


The ergonomics of the workplace affects the efficiency and productivity of work, so you need to choose office furniture very carefully. Experienced employees and managers understand this and prefer models with mechanisms that allow you to customize the chair for yourself. They know how to make an office chair more comfortable, not to feel uncomfortable during the working day. Workplace comfort is not only working conditions, but also a guarantee of health. All this is provided by individual adjustment of the chair. You can also choose additional accessories to adapt the chair to your physiological parameters.

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