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How to organize paper clutter – expert solutions

Nov 11 read


Do you know when there is complete chaos on the table and finding the necessary document becomes difficult? If so, you will undoubtedly find an algorithm for organizing files and sorting papers useful. Then you won’t have to spend extra time searching for contracts, receipts, letters from clients, etc.

How to organize paperwork at home or in the office

So, you have firmly decided to clean up your workplace. So how do you organize documents? What is needed for this? Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sort all papers by priority.

    Sort all papers by priority
    There are several main categories: permanent storage, temporary storage, and for disposal. There may be additional categories: for example, frequently used documents and those that can be pushed aside.

  2. Personalize your document organization system.

    Dispose of unnecessary files (for example, using a shredder) and place away documents that will not be useful to you in the near time in an office cabinet or a closed desk drawer. Next, you must organize the papers that may be useful in the near future. They should be left on the table.

  3. Leave notes on your files.

    For example, if you work with multiple clients, make a different mark for each one. You can also mark subcategories: for example, paper clips of different colors for weekly and monthly reports, invoices, statements, etc. It will make it easier to find the document you need within the same primary category.

  4. Buy an organizer for important papers.

    organize paperwork

    It will help you keep your files compactly in different categories and prevent them from creasing and damaging. In addition, STEALTHO organizers can be installed not only on the office table but also hung on the wall or partition.. It is very convenient for saving space.

  5. Organize the proper storage of documents for long-term storage.

    If you have files that you rarely use but need to save, use office furniture for this: cabinets, wall cabinets. It’s also better to categorize them so you can easily find the files when you need them.

  6. Find a special place to store securities.

    paper-clutter-solutionsIf you have precious files (e.g., house title deeds, passport, university diploma, etc.), placing them in a safe place such as a watertight box or a lockable locker is best.

  7. Review your papers regularly and destroy those that are no longer needed.

    It will allow you to avoid accumulating paper clutter and save only essential files. Forms containing card numbers, documents, and your data are better destroyed with a shredder.

If you follow all these simple rules, you can enjoy a well-organized workspace, organize important documents and improve your work efficiency.

Why STEALTHO Organizer is the best choice for your documents

The organizer from STEALTHO features a unique, patented, bolt-free design. It can be assembled without tools or screws and fixed on the table, wall, or furniture. In addition, this model is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of polycarbonate. It is one of the best answers to the question: of how to organize paper files at work.

file folder stealtho reddot 2023
Such an organizer will not slide off the table surface thanks to special silicone gaskets. They fit snugly to the surface, preventing movement and slipping. You can put papers, books, letters and even small gadgets there.

Another significant advantage is that the organizer can be installed on a table and hung on a wall or a partition. If you are thinking about organizing a small workspace, this is the perfect option.

So, here are the main advantages of STEALTHO Folder Organizer:

Also, this STEALTHO product is universal and suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces. You can mount it on a wall, table, or partition. So it will be an excellent paper clutter solution for offices, homes, or apartments.

Use an algorithm to optimize your space and organize paper clutter. It is not only convenient, but it will also help you solve work tasks faster. And the patented organizer made of high-quality STEALTHO polycarbonate  will help you with this.

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