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PU Casters on Office Chairs: Reasons to Choose

May 5 read

You need to decide what desk chair casters are responsible for and what functions they perform before delving into the issue of the rollers’ practicality. Rollers for office chairs are needed for

A comfortable upholstered or anatomical mesh chair cannot be practically used without properly selected casters. Why do office chairs have wheels, and do these elements have to be high-quality? Because hard and soft casters for office chairs guarantee smooth running and movement of furniture for home or office.

Requirements for office chair wheels

Casters for office chairs have to meet these requirements.

The product has to be not only decent from a practical and aesthetic point of view but also odor-free.

Types of furniture rollers

The calculation of wheel load also depends on the type of wheelbase and material used: plastic wheels cannot withstand a weight of more than 60 kg and sudden jumps on uneven surfaces, while office chairs with casters made of PU can withstand up to 400 kg. You can independently distinguish the quality of the roller system of chairs directly in the Stealtho store. PU casters are very popular for good reasons as the material is a synthetic polymer that is several times better than the most durable rubber in terms of its characteristics. Gaming chair casters also can boast increased elasticity, strength, and wear resistance.

Polyurethane wheels advantages

The user has to remember that the gaming chairs with casters cannot be treated with organic and inorganic solvents, or sulfuric acid.

Compare PU and rubber casters

Many people perceive a caster office chair with polyurethane elements as the only acceptable solution that is able to ensure the normal functioning of the mentioned desk chair on casters. The method of casting polyurethane products, in addition, does not require the manufacture of expensive injection molds, which cannot be said about the production of rubber parts. Consequently, the production time is also reduced. If we compare the properties of polyurethane and rubber, we can note the following advantages of the first material:

In some cases, the durability of polyurethane parts exceeds the service life of rubber analogs by dozens of times.

Are office chair casters universal? Yes, they are suitable for different conditions and are perfect ones for those people, who don’t have a great desire to delve into the specifics of the design of the chair and wheels. Why? Because even in the case when a gas cylinder is stuck in a chair base, the owner will be able to solve this problem without great effort and the need to contact specialists. A chair purchase is a responsible mission, regardless of who chooses the furniture – for a child or for an office to work. Experience has proven that polyurethane wheels are the best option for the office or home use. 

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