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How to remove the wheels stem from the chair?

Sep 9 read

No matter if you work at the office or from home, a perfect setup for your working place is essential. All you need is to identify what is the most important for your comfortable and safe work and to choose the best items for this. The office furniture and supplies should be multifunctional and perfectly designed. As much as anything else, high-quality office chair wheels are inevitable if you want to make your working day more productive and not distract your attention to the issues like floor scratching, cables rolling, squeaky sounds while moving the chair. So, more and more people choose to replace their original casters with the new upgraded ones.

casters stem

Usually, replacing the office chair casters is a piece of cake. But, like in any other thing, unexpected issues or unclear points may arise. What is the first thing you should do before installing the replacement wheels? – Correct, you should remove the old ones.  And here many people can get into difficulties.

Let’s clarify how to remove the wheels stem from the chair.

Normally, you can do it manually, without any effort. All you need to do is:

But, if the wheel stem got stuck in a hole, you should use the flat screwdriver or pliers, to separate it.

Please, remember that you shouldn’t apply too much force pushing on the chair base when you try to pull out the caster or the chair base can be broken.

Don’t forget that one of the most important issues when choosing the new wheels for your chair is to pick ones, which perfectly fit your chair.

Before purchasing the new set of casters, it would be reasonable to measure the stem size of your chair.

How to measure office chair wheel stem?

To begin with, we should mention that there are 3 main styles of caster stems. These are:

Grip ring stems are one of the most common connection types for office chairs.

To make sure that the stem of your new caster wheels fits your chair, the most important measurement is to check the stem size diameter.

Most office chairs use standard-sized stem fitting that measures 7/16″ in diameter, or 11 mm.

There are several ways to measure the diameter of the grip ring stem by yourself.

The first and the most accurate method is to use the calipers, in case you have them among your tools.

To measure the stem you can also use a simple ruler.

Place it on the head of the stem to measure its diameter. Most grip ring stem heads come with a diameter of 5/16”, although people sometimes misread the ruler and order a 3/8” model. To double-check your measurements, you can compare the diameter to different size drills.

It should be also mentioned that there is also a paper wrap method

Using this method of measurement just take the piece of paper and wrap it around the stem, mark the place where it ends. Then roll out the stripe. Measure the length between the stripes’ edge and mark, and calculate the diameter according to a formula: D (diameter) = Length/ 3.1416 (the length we measured divided by the number PI).

These are the easiest ways to make the measurements of your chair stem. But, if you by any chance have the 7/16″ or 3/8″ wrench, you can also use it to find out the size of your stem. Place the open end of the wrench around the stem.  Whichever wrench fits almost perfectly will be the size of your stem.


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