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How to clean your office chair?

Sep 9 read

Now we will talk about how to properly wash your chair. We will take a closer look at the rules for cleaning chairs, the upholstery of which is made of different materials.

How to clean a leather chair?

To clean the chairs, the surface of which is upholstered with genuine leather, it is necessary to prepare a special spray, a vacuum cleaner, wet wipes and a soft wiper. At first, we will prepare the necessary equipment for cleaning, then we’ll proceed to the process itself. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, we remove settled dust and crumbs from the chair. After that, the chair can be treated with a special spray. However, do not apply the spray to the entire leather surface right away. First, test how the leather  reacts to the cleanser by applying it to a small area of ​​the upholstery. Wait 2-3 minutes and if you do not notice deformation, you can safely use a cleanser.

Leave the applied cleansing spray on the dirty areas for a while until you notice that the dirt has started to come off. Remove dirt residues with a wiper. Wipe the upholstery dry. If dirt or stains remain in some places, then remove them with a wet towel.

wipe with a damp cloth

How do I clean a fabric chair?

The fabric office chair has excellent air permeability so that excessive dust does not accumulate in it. However, during the chair usage, dust residues should be removed. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner or hand knocking out. If stains appear on the surface of the upholstery, a more thorough cleaning should  be required, which will help get rid of the dirt and remove the smell. For doing this, it is necessary to prepare:

Next, we move on to the process of cleaning the upholstery material and removing stains:

Such upholstery material is the most unpretentious to maintain. To remove stains, you will need a vacuum cleaner, water, soap, a wet towel, and a washcloth. As in previous cases, we start the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner, with which we remove dust and other crumbs. Then we prepare a soap solution by adding soap or dishwashing detergent to the water. Apply a little water to the old stain, and treat it with soap or detergent on top. Leave on for 5 minutes, as long as possible. Further, with a washcloth dipped in soapy water, he treats the dirty area. Then, wipe off any remaining soap using a clean. Wipe your chair dry. 

When caring for the upholstery, do not forget to pay attention and watch out for other elements of the chair. Clean the wheels periodically, for example, using the tweezers, check the mountings, and do not wet the upholstery too much. By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your chair.




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