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How To Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels

Dec 12 read


If you or someone in the same workspace with you has long hair, you are probably familiar with this situation. Namely: getting hair into the casters of an office chair. Because of it, rollers move and turn badly. This article will answer the question: how to get hair out of office chair wheels?

How to remove hair from chair wheels without disassembling It

Sometimes, you clean caster wheels without tearing it apart. Moreover, sometimes you can even do without special tools. Consider different options and methods for extracting hair from rollers.

Try it with your fingers first

The first thing to use is the fingers. Try to carefully hook hair stuck in the roller with the edge of the nail. Then gently pull hair out. Take your time so as not to tear it. Otherwise, you will have to do all the work again. If you can’t remove the contamination, you should consider using special tools.

Clippers & Tweezers

remove hair from chair

Tweezers with narrow straight ends are best, with which you can easily pick up hair and pull it towards you. Cosmetic tweezers, which are used for eyelash extensions or eyebrow designs, are also suitable. If the dirt can’t be pulled out immediately, slowly pull hairs from side to side to remove them from the roller.

Crochet needle or hook

If you didn’t have tweezers, you might have a crochet hook. If you are fond of needlework, then you most likely have such a tool. And it’s suitable not only for creating wonderful thread patterns but also for cleaning the caster. It is worth acting in the same way as with tweezers: gently hook hairs with a hook and gradually unravel them.

Razors Or Scissors

If the advice on how to clean office chair wheels with tweezers or crochet hook did not help you, there is a more radical way: cut hairs with a razor or scissors. Cut hair, and it will be easier to get it out. Be careful not to damage the rollers. Small particles can get deep inside the roller.

Other tips on how to get hair out of wheels

If you don’t have any of the above tools, it’s time to improvise. You can try to clean old caster wheels with improvised things. For example:

You can also try cleaning the roller with duct tape, which will only help with light soiling.

How to take apart office chair wheels

Sometimes you can only remove dirt and hair from the caster by disassembling it. But how can you separate chair casters? Now let’s talk about it. Also, you can read detailed instructions about it here.

Get the right tools

How to take apart office chair wheels

The first thing to do is to select the necessary tools. You will most likely need the following:

However, some models can be assembled by hand.

Pry the two wheels apart

Pry the two wheels apart

Removing the casters is simple: they are pressed in, so you do not have to unscrew any parts. Insert two mounts so that they are  pressed against each other. And then make an effort to push them apart. A little push and everything will work out. One of the sides will fall off, so you can thoroughly clean old caster wheels.

Cleaning and lubricating the shaft and wheels

After removing hair, there will most likely be contamination on the surface of the casters. It must be removed: for example, with a clerical knife, scraper, abrasive sponge, or steel wool. If there is little dirt, even a rag will do. The main thing is to wipe everything thoroughly.

We also recommend wiping the casters with a lubricant such as WD-40. Many furniture repair professionals claim that dry graphite can also be used. But because of the oil, the wheel will quickly get dirty. And WD-40 will keep casters clean for a long time.

Caster assembly

When you have cleaned everything, you can put the wheels back together. You need to act like this: connect the two parts of the wheel by pressing on them. If your hand’s strength is not enough, use a hammer or a clamp.

After you hear a click, turn the wheel. If it moves freely and rotates, then everything goes well. You can move on by disassembling and cleaning the wheels one by one.

If you can’t reassemble the wheel after disassembly

It is important to disassemble and thoroughly clean the roller and reassemble it. If you can’t seem to get it right or have to clean your wheel too often, you might want to consider buying replacement wheels.

replacement wheels

To choose high-quality replacement casters for your office chair, you should pay attention to:

You can read more about the best models of interchangeable wheels here. It describes the main characteristics of casters that will take care of your flooring and roll easily. And best of all, they are very easy to replace: you do not need to use additional tools. And to install, you just need to insert the stem into the socket and press until it clicks. Then you don’t have to think about how to get hair out of rolling chair wheels. Stealtho casters are made with patented technology so you can enjoy the comfort of your workspace with them.

Shealtho chair wheels

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