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How To Stop Your Office Chair From Rolling

Jan 1 read


How to keep an office chair from rolling? This is a question that worries many people, especially those who often spend time in the office or at home at the computer. A swivel seat is an extremely comfortable device, but in some cases, it can become a real nuisance and occasionally get in the way, and be annoying.

Particularly unpleasant when the office has a slippery or uneven floor, and the chair rolls at every opportunity. This problem has many solutions, and we’ll dive into each of them in this article.

How to Lock Wheels on Office Chair

The very first thing to try is to take advantage of the features of the chair itself, which can help eliminate the problem forever. A locking mechanism is an ideal solution that will lock the wheels in one position and keep the chair from going anywhere. In this case, you do not have to add something, remove something, change the design of the chair, and solve the problem in the right way — it’s a built-in feature.

However, this is not available to everyone — not all models of chairs are equipped with a locking wheel. If the model does not have a locking mechanism, you have to either remove the spring from the wheel, change its design slightly, or turn to one of the many alternative ways.

Locking Chair Casters

How do you keep a chair from sliding on hardwood? The answer is “Easy!” And not just on wood, but on any other surface.

Locking Casters Replacement safe your Hardwood FloorThe correct solution to such a problem is to block the rotation of the chair castors. Such a function is available, for example, on lockable wheels from STEATHO. This method helps to solve the problem at the root without adding anything and without changing the design of the chair.

Caster cups

 How to stop the office chair from rolling, so it doesn’t roll off under any circumstances? The answer is that you can use special cups. They are attached directly to the casters and make the chair immobile regardless of the angle of the surface, and regardless of the material and size of the casters.

Castor Cups for Laminate FloorsCups are different — it depends on the material they are made from, as well as the size. If the floor is laminate, cups made in wood style will work perfectly. If tile, classic plastic cups will do the work. It’s best to choose standard models that will fit all wheel sizes or take the wheel with you to the store and see if the cup will fit. The main advantage of cups is that one purchase of them will get rid of all the difficulties that an office chair can cause at once. Its functionality is retained completely, except for the ability to move around the room with it. They can be removed or put on at any time they are easily attached. Putting the cups on is a matter of a couple of minutes.

Thick Pile Area Rugs

Using thick pile rugs can prevent both office and computer chairs from rolling. The bigger the chair, the bigger its wheels tend to be, and the bigger the wheels, the thicker the carpet should be chosen. Simply put — the chair’s wheels should sink into the carpet and reliably prevent it from rolling away.

Thick Pile Area Rugs for ChairNo matter how uneven the floor is, a thick pile will solve this problem, so in apartments and office spaces with extremely uneven floors, as a rule, roll out this kind of carpet. They collect dust quickly and are hard to wash, but they do the job of preventing rolling away best.

Chair glides

 Chair and chair stands are another all-fits solution with which you can get rid of the rolling problem once and for all. The design is pretty simple — the small form stand is installed on the floor, its grooves include the swivel legs of chairs, and the wheels get into place and are fixed in this position.

Chair glidesThus the chair turns into a rotating chair that won’t go anywhere, no matter how unsteady the floor is or how slippery the cover material is. The main thing is not to mess with the size of the stand because not all of them are versatile. They differ mostly in material and size, but the main factor is still size. If the legs do not fit into the stand — it will be useless.

Chair Mat to Prevent Rolling

Chair Mat to Prevent RollingChair Mat it’s a special furniture mat for a chair that can prevent rolling. Rugs, by the way, come in different forms and have slightly different purposes. A special office rug made of thick material is spread out under the office chair, which increases the grip of the wheels on the surface. Thus, if the room is on an uneven floor — the chair will stop rolling. It also depends, of course, on how uneven the surface is, but most often the carpet solves the problem.

Gripper Pads and Anti-skid Pads

Gripper Pads for chairAnother option is when a small anti-skid pad is spread out on the seat of the chair. This is especially true for leather models, sitting on which is often uncomfortable. Clothing fabric sticks to the surface of the chair, it gets hot, the skin begins to get damp, and it becomes too much and uncomfortable. The rug, in such cases, solves the problem and prevents rolling out of the chair.

Office Chair Straps

 A furniture strap that can be used to secure an office chair in one position is just perfect for many. But the principle of its use depends on the individual situation. With it, you can strap yourself to the chair and prevent it from rolling, or you can strap the chair to a fulcrum, so it doesn’t roll.

Both options are valid and solve different problems, and if the office floor is uneven and the chair constantly rolls back, away from the desk, you can try to strap it to some fulcrum to prevent this. This method is also relevant if the chair is constantly swiveling in different directions — you can also fasten it with one or two straps to a fulcrum and fix it in one position. However, the primary purpose of such a strap is to buckle to the chair and prevent it from rolling. Some chairs, especially leather ones, are frankly uncomfortable to sit on, constantly rolling down and needing to be constantly corrected, so a special furniture strap is a real solution to the problem.


footrest for chairUsing a footrest is the easiest and the most affordable solution to the problem, which will make the chair stop spinning without compromising the integrity of the structure. Nothing needs to be disassembled, altered, or taken out, just purchase a footrest or use improvised materials. This option, of course, will not suit everyone and is not a complete solution to the problem, but in most cases, thanks to it, you can prevent rolling and rotating from interfering with work. An office worker or any other user sits down and rests his legs on the support, and the chair stops rotating and rolling as if it is fixed. In some cases, the stand does not solve the problem but only aggravates it, but on a flat floor in an office environment, it’s great.

Why is your chair rolling?

The problem of a rolling chair is an annoying factor that often interferes with work. It may not be noticeable at first, but over time it begins to piss you off. There are many ways to solve this problem, and most of them have already been discussed above. But what can cause stools to slip? What is the cause of the problem? There are several reasons.

The Floor is to be Slanted

The floor needs to be more evenly. Too much slope angle taken during construction or flooring installation is the main and most common cause of a rolling office chair. Re-laying the floor, of course, is usually not an option, but laying a rug or blocking the wheel mechanisms is quite a solution.

The Floor is To Slick

Flooring that is too slippery or slick is an equally common cause of slipping. If the material is very slippery, such as some varieties of laminate, then the office chair will roll even if the flooring is level. This option is usually solved by fixing the wheels or using a footrest, with the help of which you can use your body weight to fix yourself in place and prevent rolling. A rug, even a simple, lint-free one, can also be a solution. That’s what it’s for — to increase the traction of the wheels with the flooring.

The Casters are To Big

Rollers that are too big can also cause the chair to roll. There is pure physics here — the bigger the guide wheels, the bigger the leverage, and the bigger the leverage, the more likely it is that the chair will start to roll in the opposite direction. Also, the weight of the person plays a role in this picture — the bigger the character, the harder the chair will roll. It is possible to solve this problem in different ways, but the correct solution is simply to change the wheels. You can only lay a rug with a nap or block them, but to solve the problem at its root — just change the wheels. However, if the room is a slippery or uneven floor — you can just lay a carpet and get rid of all the problems associated with rolling office chairs at once.

What is the best solution?

How do I keep my chair wheels from rollingHow to lock the wheels on an office chair and its slide? Have figured it out! There are a lot of options, but which of them to stop on? The best option is special wheels equipped with the function of blocking the movement, allowing you to solve the problem fundamentally. The carpet can get dirty, the stand can break, and eventually, it is possible to move. To avoid carrying extra accessories, it is better to immediately install special wheels equipped with locks and forget about the problem forever. This is convenient and versatile and fundamentally solves the problem

Locking Casters STEALTHO

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