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Office chair wheels not rolling – solution methods

Dec 12 read


The wheels of office chairs are often clogged with dirt. This can be a problem as the rollers don’t turn as well as spin. This is very annoying and worsens your comfort in the workplace.

What will help solve this problem? Regular cleaning of the rollers and lubrication to ensure the smoothest possible rotation and sliding. This process will require some skill, but detailed instructions will help you with this.

Let’s look at several options for cleaning the wheel: an easy case for minor problems, more intense pollution, and cases where a complete wheel replacement is required.

How to properly clean office chair wheels?

Dirt is one of the main causes of poor roller rotation. It can get inside and stay there. For example, dirt can often accumulate due to the:

Even if your office is spotless, you need to clean the wheels. How frequently? There is no set timeline; everything is determined by how readily and smoothly they revolve. On average, once or twice a month will be enough. If you find that the rollers need to be moving smoothly and that you must work hard to spin the chair, it’s time to start cleaning.

How do you clean office chair wheels? Easy level

If you need to fix the problem with minimal effort, you can do everything on an easy level. So let’s talk about how to clean office chair wheels. You should follow these steps:

Put it upside down

The first thing to do is to carefully inspect the contamination. To do this, lay a cloth or protective mat on the floor and turn the chair upside down. So you can understand how to get rid of pollution quickly and effectively.

Clean the chair

How To Remove Hair From Office Chair WheelsNow that you have seen the contamination, you can remove it. If dirt or hair has not penetrated too deeply, you can remove it without disassembling the wheel. You can try to do this with your hands or use a tool: tweezers, a knitting needle, or even a pen or chopsticks. Be careful to remove all unnecessary from the caster.

Lubricate the core

Lubricate wheels wd 40To reduce friction and improve glide, lubricate the rollers after cleaning. Use WD-40 for this. This substance lubricates the surface well without damaging it. It can be purchased at any building supply or automotive supply store.

If the contamination is not removed in this way, a deeper cleaning should be considered. It will take longer but will help the chair move smoothly and quickly.

How to deep clean the wheels of a rolling office chair

If the contamination is not removed in this way, a deeper cleaning should be considered. It will help the chair move smoothly. To do this, you will need to disassemble the wheel. Don’t worry if this is your first time doing this. This guide will help you. Let’s talk in more detail about how to clean rolling chair wheels.


Usually, the office wheel is straightforward to separate from the chair. First, you must turn the chair upside down and put it on the table or the floor. Then pull on the wheel: you will most likely have to put some effort into this. After removing the casters, prepare the tools for disassembling them: you will need two screwdrivers. You can learn more about how to remove a wheel here.


The next step in deep cleaning the wheels is their disassembly. To remove the wheel, you will need a minimal set of tools. Take two screwdrivers – this will help you remove the roller without breaking it.

Place screwdrivers on either side of the stem and slowly split the wheel. It is pretty simple but requires patience and accuracy. After one part falls off, you can thoroughly clean the roller and remove all contamination. You can read more about the process of disassembling office rollers in this article.

Handling (cleaning, lubricating, and assembling)

In order to remove wool, dust, and other unappetizing things from casters, you can use improvised means. Of course, there are also special tools for this purpose. But there is also an easier way.

After cleaning and lubricating, assemble the wheel by connecting the two parts and pressing them together until they click. Although your arm strength should be sufficient, a clamp should be used if you cannot join the two pieces of the wheel. Wipe away any extra lubrication with a tissue to prevent your office chair from slipping on the floor.

Repeat these three processes for the whole set of five wheels.

If the problem is not a dirty chair wheel

Although most often, it is dirt that prevents the wheels of office chairs from rotating, sometimes the reason may be different. Here are the most common ones:

You will likely have to disassemble it to determine the specific source of the problem. So have your screwdrivers ready and follow the instructions in the previous section.

Why Replacement Office Chair Wheels Set by Stealtho is the best choice?

If you want to forget once and for all about cleaning wheels, problems with rotation, and finding screwdrivers to remove dirt, we advise you to pay attention to Stealtho products.

office chair rollersThe replacement casters for this brand’s office chairs are a unique patented product designed with strong and durable materials. Namely, high-strength steel and soft, elastic polyurethane.

The design feature does not allow debris to get inside, so the problem of poor rotation of the casters will not bother you. And these wheels can withstand significant loads. They have a long lifespan, so you don’t have to constantly change them.

In addition, they are not very expensive, so you do not have to spend a lot of money on such an improvement in the workplace.

Here are some more critical benefits of these casters:

The Stealtho wheelset is the best alternative to a protective mat. You can read more about this here. Thus, if you buy a set of these casters for your office chair, you will be satisfied with the ease and smooth movement.


The wheels on your office or gaming chair may not move well if they are dirty. You should inspect the rollers regularly and clean them if necessary. There is another solution: the use of replacement Stealtho wheels. This is the best choice because, in this case, you do not have to spend time cleaning.

They are made of durable stainless steel and are resilient. Polyurethane does not require regular cleaning to withstand a significant load. The unique patented design and use of ABEC9 bearings make them durable, strong, and comfortable.

Also included are a stopper and a saving skirt for even more comfortable use.

By installing this set of casters, your office chair will roll smoothly around the office and not disturb the flooring. So you can safely throw away the protective mat: your laminate, parquet, or linoleum will remain intact even if you roll back and forth on it all day. Good Luck!

STEALTHO Replacement Chair Wheels

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