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Why do Office Chairs have Wheels?

May 5 read

Armchairs and chairs are the most necessary and main elements of furniture for office workers who spend most of their working time at the table. A company that respects itself and its employees will certainly take care of ergonomic chairs on wheels or office chairs without casters. The type depends on different preferences. Moreover, such solutions are also rather popular among private persons, who are fond of the comfortable surroundings.

Mentioned office chairs with wheels are also called operator’s ones. The productivity of employees and their well-being largely depend on the convenience of the workplace. You can make a chic renovation of the company’s premises but uncomfortable and low-quality furniture, in particular, office chairs, will nullify the opinion of both employees and guests of the organization about its management. Chairs in the office should combine practicality and convenience, stability and ergonomics.

Women sitting on the wheeled chair.

Classic office chair arrangement

Wheeled black office chair.

Office chairs ergonomics 

Creating maximum comfort for users is the goal of many office furniture makers. Fabricators strive to bring the backrest design closer to the shape and curves of the spine, equipping the chairs with special rollers for the lower back. The shape of the seat is also changing, trying to reduce the load on the legs of constantly sitting employees due to bends. After all, it is known that varicose veins are the scourge of office workers. You can proceed to the choice of color only after choosing the chair’s design, its mechanism and equipment. No one will deny that the office chair colors should not be bright, defiant, dissonant with other details and the style of the office.

Let’s talk a little about the main manufacturers of office furniture. There are many well-known companies that produce high-quality furniture, which enjoys well-deserved popularity among buyers. The demand for office furniture and armchairs from European countries is not decreasing. Stealtho Company offers high-quality chair wheels that can boast the free rolling over cables, stylish design, soft polyurethane, and other peculiarities. 

When choosing a chair for work in the office or at home, approach with all care. Sit in it, check the slopes, adjust the height of the chair. The chair should not creak, and the wheels should not slow down when moving. Don’t stop at one chair, try several. And then the disappointment in the purchase will not befall you.

Wheelchair benefits

Wheels provide chair ergonomics. This is most relevant for office workers who are forced to quickly move from one work surface to another. This model of the chair significantly increases efficiency and saves time. Or, for example, when the desktop has a fairly large area, and moving in an office chair with locking wheels is simply inevitable, this option will also be an excellent way to save energy and time for an employee.

Swivel chair wheel models, as a rule, initially take into account the physiological characteristics of the person who will sit in it. It is difficult to find a chair model that will have wheels but will not have at least a simple system for position adjusting. Another important detail is the design of such chairs. They are made for any workspace that involves working with a computer. Therefore, their design will not go against the general character of the room. An office swivel chair wheels will always have smooth shapes, a neutral shade, and will please the eye of the layman.

Moreover, the rollers are made of plastic, the rim of which is covered with rubber, which ensures an almost silent operation. Rubberized wheels do not leave black marks on the floor and scratches on any floor covering, including parquet, laminate, linoleum, and quartz vinyl.

Withstand loads up to 120 kg. The rollers are presented in different colors, so you can match the wheels to your interior. An office chair on wheels can have one single drawback: insufficiently reliable design. There can also be only one way out in this situation: choose a chair seriously and buy a mid-priced option.

Chairs without wheels 

Buying an ergonomic chair without wheels is the best option for those who are afraid to deform the flooring. A solution is a common sight in many office spaces and home offices. Such furniture will appeal to pedantic workers and just people who prefer minimalism and rigor in everything, regardless of the design of the model and the type of upholstery.

Chair without wheels in front of the desk.

Characteristics and features of models

Office chairs without rollers for the home look like ordinary upholstered units with increased comfort. When choosing such a chair, you need to take into account that not every product has a rotation of the seat and a rocking mechanism.

Office chair without rollers has enough advantages despite all the peculiarities:

Premium-class models have built-in wide soft armrests, weight adjustment.

What to consider when choosing a chair without wheels

Swivel chairs without wheels should be chosen based on their design (for at home or office). For example, work chairs without wheels have a businesslike appearance: a strict proportional shape, neutral upholstery color, and a minimum of details. When choosing office chairs for the manager’s office, it is recommended to consider leather options with wide backs and adjustable height design. The chair for the chief should not have plastic armrests. 

For staff, budget options are suitable, for example, with low backs. The position of the back in such products will be correct regardless of the height of the back. Tables and chairs in an office where a large number of people work should be in harmony with each other. If there is no furniture on wheels in the room, interior elements should be concise and not massive: for example, corner tables with a glass top. Non-rolling office chairs for the most part have a light and discreet appearance, therefore, they will not fit into a cluttered space. Chairs and swivel chairs with bright upholstery with height adjustment are suitable for the home. You can equip your home office due to it, filling the room with family comfort and warmth.

So why do office chairs have wheels?

So why do office chairs have wheels? Because such a solution is more comfortable, more widespread, and has much more practical moments. Stealtho Company offers decent variants that will definitely meet your requirements. Purchasing a good office chair takes a lot of time to analyze the available options but before that happens, you need to evaluate your expectations and requirements because they specify which features of the chair are key and which are less important. The list of parameters to check may not be too long but it should be taken seriously. Approach to selecting the office should be treated almost the same as a bed because office chairs are where the worker spends most of his/her time today, so care must be taken to ensure that this does not adversely affect health, well-being, and performance.

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