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Office Chair Casters And Wheels: Choose the Best for Yourself

Mar 3 read

An office chair or computer chair on wheels and casters (Also read “Why do Office Chairs have Wheels?“) is a convenient and effective replacement for conventional furniture. The soft seat and back reduce the load on the spine and the rollers eliminate the need to get up to take a step to the next table. A high-quality office chair with wheels is a complex design, in the development of which various specialists took part – engineers, the medical community, and designers. Among lots of different parts, special attention should be paid to the casters.

What are Casters?

A comfortable upholstered or anatomical mesh chair cannot be practically used without properly selected casters. What are chair casters? It’s a guarantee of smooth running and movement of sufficiently voluminous furniture for home or office. Wheels are needed for

  • Ensuring smooth movement of even the most massive leather chair on linoleum, carpet, hardwood floors, or parquet.
  • Uniform distribution of the weight load on the chair structure.

Soft casters for office chairs are essential as they help reveal the whole potency of the furniture. Replacement desk chair wheels is not that hard and can be done by anyone. The process usually does not require tools (unless the stem is threaded in which case a wrench is needed). Let’s turn the chair over (it will be much more convenient to work) and try, staggering and turning, to pull the wheel out with your hands. The procedure should be successful. If this does not work, you can use aerosol lubricant and direct the jet from the sprayer into the gap between the stem and the plug. It’s easy to find out how to install wheels on office chair with reference to caster stem sizes.

What to Consider When Shopping for Casters?

The peculiarity of furniture is that its weight is the reflection of its comfort and durability. Many people are wondering, are office chair wheels universal? The answer is “Yes” in most cases but its purchase has to be followed by some requirements.

Office chair casters Stealtho.

Of course, it’s recommended to check out the most popular and reliable grip ring stem casters for office chairs from Stealtho Company that are made of soft polyurethane and have heavy-duty bearings. After you decide on the design, there are a few things you need to know. The possibility of installing wheels is determined by the dimensions of the landing rod. This means that you need to measure wheel dimensions before buying them. Alternatively, you can take an old roller with you and choose according to the model. Please make sure that the stem is supplemented with a stopper, as this detail fixes the roller in the cross.

Parts of the Caster

Details chair wheels.

The soft casters for office chairs consist of 

Low-quality products can break down for several reasons, such as dust and dirt, clogging the moving parts, which reduce the life of the components; large weight-bearing and uneven floor surface. Replacement casters for office chairs may be the only solution in such cases. The Stealtho units are more reliable as they are followed by the special utility patent. Moreover, chair mats are not required, which is really comfortable. 

Types of Stem Styles

Chair wheel steam.

Stealtho uses a special stem design that was developed for the brand. Additional attention has been given to the new geometry, the main task of which was to reach the new usability level. The design of the wheels should match the style of the chair, so there are different options for different models.

How to Measure Grip Ring Stem

Chair caster steam measure.

Grip ring stems are measured due to their diameter and length (e.g. 7/16” diameter x 7/8” long). It’s recommended to use a special adjustable wrench and a required ruler or a tape measure. A controllable wrench is a handy tool, mostly used to measure the diameter of the stem. The person should take the wrench and fasten it down cautiously across the stem.

Caster Sizes

What size caster do I need? It should be able to swivel a full 360 degrees. When you need to determine this measurement, it’s better to lay the caster down on its side again and measure from the back edge of the wheel to the center of the kingpin. 

Twin Wheel vs. Single Wheel Casters

Both twin and single wheel casters have their advantages and disadvantages. No wonder top manufacturers use both of these solutions! Let’s take a closer look at them in order to understand what kind of shortcomings can be critical for you. Dual wheels are usually fitted to light and good-quality models. Decent manufacturer strives to make small wheels more durable and strong and therefore make them double. Mentioned wheels are sometimes floating, which is very convenient when turning. Such a stroller is characterized by increased maneuverability and stability. Large single wheels are in no way inferior in strength to dual wheels and even win in some ways. 

Single wheels on wheelchairs may have different qualities and different sizes. Small single wheels will be inferior in stability to twin wheels of the same size. Large thin single wheels are reliable but the weight characteristics suffer. There’s one more essential question: are office chair casters universal (both twin wheel and single wheel casters)? Yes, they all are 100% cross-functional. 

Types of Casters

The diversity of casters is mostly based on materials, that’s why it’s essential to get acquainted with the most widespread materials.


Rubber is more practical than plastic but less effective than polyamide or silicone. It is important to note that rubber is not used in its pure form for the production of wheels for furniture but its improved version is based on polyamide (in particular for office chairs). Pure rubber without impurities and additives is a sticky consistency that leaves a black or gray mark behind, is not resistant to abrasion, and is less elastic. The positive features of such a base are easy to smooth running and stability of the product.


Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer that is several times better than the most durable rubber in terms of its characteristics. Increased elasticity, strength, and wear resistance are decent ones. Not the entire wheel is made of polyurethane but only the shank in contact with the floor surface. As a rule, cast iron or nylon is used as the main load rim. There are the following advantages of polyurethane wheels.


Nylon or in other words polyamide wheels are made by casting under high pressure. The base is considered to be a one-piece cast, the shelf life of the rollers, and the uniformity of the design increase. Such wheels are used for hydraulic carts in most cases and less often – as wheels for chairs. The main difference and advantage of polyamide from polyurethane is abrasion resistance, almost unlimited service life, and excellent visual qualities, as they do not get dirty and scratches and scuffs are not visible on their surface. Such material can boast the:

If you are wondering how to prevent chair wheels from scratching wood floor, there are two options: rubberized wheels and a protective mat. It is much easier to prevent the consequences than to fix it after, especially when the flooring is expensive and it will be difficult to restore. 

What are Floor Glides?

Chair rollers are one of the most essential parts. They are small but provide the mobility for a chair. There are several types of roller bearings. Consider what they are and determine how to distinguish them and what coverage they are suitable for. They are categorized according to stem diameter. This is a metal rod that is included in the cross. They come in 7/16”x7/8” inches. It’s important to make sure that rod diameter fits your cross before buying roller bearings.

Glides are also classified into rubberized and non-rubberized. There is a layer of hard rubber on the rubberized ones. It’s a thermoplastic rubber that does not leave marks on the floor covering and does not spoil its aesthetic appearance. Special tread swivel casters are perfect for hard floors. The roller body is made of polypropylene, has a rod with a clamping ring, and two independent plain bearings. The central part of most rollerblade office chair wheels is also made of polypropylene. Rollers are installed in metal and polyamide crosses.


If you are looking to where to buy chair casters, it’s recommended to visit the Stealtho store and acquaint oneself with the assortment. All the products are high-quality and are designed for heavy loads. Only modern materials in the production process are used, moreover, they are environmentally friendly. Here you can find both basic solutions and modern desk chair wheels. Feel free to visit the company website and make a decent choice.

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