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How to Remove Office Chair Base – Simple Options

Apr 4 read


Office chairs are the main office equipment in most modern offices. How comfortable these chairs are depended on the comfort of employees and their performance and well-being. Healthy musculoskeletal exercise allows employees to sit for long periods while being productive. However, these chairs can become damaged or worn over time, and the base of the chair may need to be replaced. We will tell you how to do it easily: so that even a person without special skills can handle it.

Office Chair Base: Explained

The base that supports the entire chair and allows it to turn and rotate is the base of the office chair. The base usually consists of a central gas cylinder. This feature is linked to the seat and a set of casters or wheels at the bottom, allowing mobility. The gas cylinder allows customers to easily and quickly change the seat’s height to their liking. The wheels allow you to move gradually, smoothly, and silently. Office chair bases come in various styles, including heavy-duty models that can support a lot of weight and furniture designed for especially intensive use (for example, these will be useful in rented open spaces).how to remove wheel base from office chair

How to Remove Office Chair Base?

First, you need to remove the old base. It is not a very tricky task, but it requires specific skills. Below are the steps to follow.

Removing The Gas Cylinder Base From The Office Chair – Option 1

The first step you need to do if you want to remove the office chair base is to remove the gas lift. Follow these tips:


To complete this task, we need the following:

Remove Swivel Base

The following steps comprise the removal procedure:

Done, you did it: the base of the old gas cylinder has been removed. It’s pretty simple.

Removing The Gas Cylinder Base From The Office Chair – Option 2

If the gas cylinder is too difficult to remove from the seat base, the entire seat base may need to be dismantled. How to disassemble the office chair base? What does that require? Now we’ll tell you.


You will need almost the same tools as in the first case to disassemble the base and remove the gas lift base from the office chair. The difference lies in taking pliers: we will need them in the process. Once you have all these tools ready, you can proceed to the removal process. There are several stages to act, so each of them should be described.

Disassemble Office Chair Base

To remove the bottom, you should proceed as follows.

It is the final. The old base of the gas cylinder has been removed. We’re sure you won’t have any problems with it.

Removing The Office Chair Base Using The Cylinder Clip – Option 3

The cylinder clip is essential for removing the office chair base. Follow these steps to use the cylinder clip to remove the base.


You will need the following:

If the tools are ready, we can now start!

To Take Base Off Office Chair

The procedure will take place in several stages. Namely, you should proceed as follows:

Once the base is removed, you can replace it with a new one. Make sure to choose a base that is compatible with your chair. Look for heavy-duty bases that can withstand the weight of the person sitting in them.

Tips for Replacing the Base of An Office Chair

Here are some tips to make the process of replacing the office chair base more manageable:

By following these tips, you will certainly be able to do everything successfully and neatly. This process is not complicated, so everything will work out for you.how to remove office chair base

How Else You Can Increase the Comfort of the Chair

Replacing the office chair base is just one way to increase the comfort of your chair. Here are some other tips:

These suggestions can help you make your chair more ergonomic and extend its life.


Changing the office chair base is a simple task that requires only a few tools and some basic understanding. Following the essential processes and utilizing the appropriate equipment will ensure a smooth and efficient replacement. Remember that a few tips can make the process even easier. For instance, you can increase the comfort of your chair by fixing any squeaks, making the chair more comfortable, and removing the wheels.

By following the step-by-step guide and utilizing the tips provided, anyone can have a comfortable and fully functional seat with a new chair base. It will increase your productivity and improve your concentration and well-being. After all, convenience in the workplace is an important factor in your efficiency!

Make yourself comfortable in your refurbished chair and enjoy all its benefits.


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